Telrex Offers Pay-As-You-Go Analytics

Telrex is now offering businesses “pay-as-you-go” speech analytics consulting services aimed at making the service more affordable to more customers, the company announced today.

The CallRex Speech Analytics pay-as-you-go model allows customers to use the company’s speech analytics services without having to purchase expensive speech analytics technology.

According to Robert Kapela, president and founder of Telrex, many companies that want to use speech analytics are simply not in a position to spend “a hundred thousand plus dollars” to purchase and install an analytics product. Thanks to the new service, they don’t have to. “Not only can’t they afford the product, they don’t have the expertise to use the product and analyze the calls on an ongoing basis,” he says. “So pay-as-you-go really allows us to go in there and provide only the services that a company needs.”

Kapela says the current economic climate was another reason behind the launch of the new pay-as-you-go-product. "Speech analytics is still a very new technology to a lot of companies, and in order to get them to try it out and see the benefits it has to be priced appropriately, not only because it’s new technology but also because budget dollars are tight right now,” he says.

Using CallRex Speech Analytics, companies can use recorded data to fine tune business performance, identify market opportunities, and uncover customer interaction trends. Telrex consultants work with businesses, helping them determine what drives customer behaviors, identify sales opportunities, improve customer satisfaction, and monitor calls for compliance.

Kapela—who notes that Telrex is the first company to launch a pay-as-you-go plan of this kind—stresses the consultative nature of the new service.“It’s not something that we just give back reports and that’s it,” he says. “We sit down with them, give them the opportunity to ask more questions and for us to go back and do additional services to uncover the information that they may want to follow up on.”

The CallRex Speech Analytics pay-as-you-go plans are tailored to individual companies' needs and are offered in three packages:

  • Standard Analysis for up to 200 hours of calls;
  • Enhanced Analysis for deeper business analysis; and
  • Custom Analysis engagements for regularly scheduled or in-depth consultations and analysis of up to 1,000 hours of calls.

Additionally, Kapela notes that CallRex Speech Analytics is not just for call centers. He says the service will help a wide range of companies and departments, benefiting everyone from sales managers to call center managers to marketing managers. "For sales managers it allows them to uncover a lot of great information in terms of the phone conversations that the sales agents are having with their customers,” he adds, noting that marketing managers with the ability to analyze phone calls have access to first hand information. This direct access to customer issues, questions and concerns, allows them to "go back and re-craft the campaign or provide additional refinement to the campaign so that it’s more successful.”

CallRex Speech Analytics services start at a suggested retail price of $4,995.

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