Sensory Launches Truly Hands-Free Voice Control for Bluetooth Devices

Sensory released Truly Hands-Free, an enhancement to the BlueGenie Voice Interface, a voice control and speech output solution on Bluetooth headsets.

With the release, Bluetooth devices will have access to hands-free trigger or phrase spotting technology. According to Sensory, with Truly Hands-Free, the BlueGenie Voice Interface is “always listening and virtually impervious to background noise” so users can initiate functions entirely by voice. A voice command activates the car kit to listen for an operational speech command.

According to Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory, Truly-Hands Free activates reliably in noisy environments and doesn’t accidentally activate due to talk radio or conversations.

“Truly Hands-Free adds trigger or phrase spotting technology to the already popular BlueGenie Voice Interface,” he writes in an email to Speech Technology. “This means the Bluetooth car kit, headset or stereo headphones would always be listening for a voice trigger…in order to come to life and ask for your next instruction.”

According to Mozer, the use of Truly Hands-Free could look something like this:

A man is running late for dinner with his wife and in-laws. He decides to call to let her know he’s running late but on his way. Without taking his eyes off the road or his hands off the wheel or turning down the blaring radio, he says “Hello BlueGenie,” and the car kit responds, “State a command.”  The man responds, “Call home,” and the car kit dials his house and connects the call with his wife.

Mozer calls the release is the first “truly” hands-free application for car kits and headsets.

“By not having to distract your hands or vision to press a button to initiate voice commands, Truly Hands-Free extends the current safety benefits of voice-enabled hands-free devices,” he writes.

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