Nexidia Introduces ESI—Capture

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Nexidia is making integrating speech analytics applications into call centers a little easier.

With the launch of Nexidia ESI-Capture—a new element of Nexidia’s flagship Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) software suite—contact centers can integrate the company’s speech analytics applications directly into their switching environments. 

ESI-Capture is designed to bypass the need for legacy call recording platforms, thus enabling more efficient speech analytics processing at a lower cost.  The solution also allows contact centers to capture calls and meta-data information directly from the switching environment.
“Instead of going through a legacy call recording platform, Nexidia can integrate directly into the switching environment and pull the data from the source,” writes Jeff Schlueter, vice president of marketing and business development at Nexidia, in an email to Speech Technology.  “Nexidia was already providing integration into the legacy call recorders, so from a customer perspective the primary difference is that they no longer have to deal with the extra step of integrating through the call recorder.”

At the core of ESI-Capture is the Extractor application programming interface, a set of Nexidia calls “hooks” that allow the company to interface directly into either a traditional switching environment or into the newer Voice over Internet Protocol-based networks.  The Record feature collects and records the calls and meta-data directly from the switching environment and stores the data in standard file system architecture.

ESI-Capture can process up to 1,000 streams of audio in real-time on a single server and the resulting information can be delivered to decision makers almost immediately.

“It helps our [customers] gain better access to their call center data so they can use it more effectively and efficiently to provide meaningful business intelligence,” Schlueter writes. 

According to Schlueter, the release was a response to the needs of its customers. 

“ESI—Capture is a natural evolution in our product capability set,” he writes. “The power of our products is in the analytics, and the analytics rely on accessing a quantity of voice data in as complete, fast and efficient way possible.   ESI-Capture simply removes the obstacle of collecting the recordings from a third party by pulling information directly from the switching environment.”

Thus far, Schlueter says the reaction to the release has been very positive.

“Existing customers have welcomed the additional capability set as it makes getting to their voice data more efficient,” he writes.  “In today’s world, time to information is a competitive advantage. For prospects, this is helping to ink deals because it removes the barrier of getting to their information, a problem posed by many currently using legacy call recording platforms or who were in the process of evaluating those systems along with their speech analytics system.”

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