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Voicebox Launches Linguistic Code-Switching Capability

The technology allows speech systems to draw from one language to learn another.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 01 Aug 2017

Cognitive Code's SILVIA Conversational Platform Offers On-Device Activity

SILVIA shuts down hackers from accessing conversational IoT devices and toys.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 25 Jul 2017

Baidu Collaborates with Conexant on Conversation-Based AI Devices

Baidu will expedite adoption of its DuerOS AI platform by third-party device manufacturers with Conexant's AudioSmart voice solutions.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 07 Jul 2017

Zang Adds Speech to Zang Cloud

Zang has added speech recognition and improved TTS technology to its business communications platform.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 20 Jun 2017

Microsemi Delivers AcuEdge Development Kit for Amazon Alexa

Microsemi's AcuEdge Development Kit improves voice recognition in adverse audio environments.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 30 May 2017

Voice Software Shipments to Double by 2022

In the next five years, global shipments of voice software units are expected to increase from 11 billion to 21 billion.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 16 May 2017

VoiceLabs Launches Sponsored Messages Interactive Voice Ads for Amazon Alexa

VoiceLabs' Sponsored Messages is a native solution to help Amazon Alexa developers monetize and invest in the voice-first evolution.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 May 2017

Conexant Expands Collaboration with Amazon to Bring Alexa to More Devices

Conexant's four-mic development kit will help users prototype and develop high-performance far-field devices with Amazon Alexa.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 04 May 2017

Cognitive Code to Release SILVIA Conversational AI Platform

The SILVIA platform will allow developers to add natural language conversations to gaming and entertainment apps.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 31 Mar 2017

Zappix Now Supports VoiceXML 1.0 and 2.0, Twilio and Plivo

Zappix's visual IVR authoring tool with integrated Voice IVR and Visual IVR scripting and functionality in a single system. It now supports Plivo Voice XML and Twilio TwiML voice authoring languages. It had already supported VXML 1.0 and 2.0.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 30 Mar 2017

Plum Voice Releases Fuse+

Fuse+ is Plum's latest IVR and voice app editing and management technology.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 28 Mar 2017

Matrix Labs Releases Matrix Voice Developer Platform

Matrix Voice enables the development of voice-control apps for Google's Android Things IoT environment.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 24 Feb 2017

Cadence Adds Alango and Waves Audio Technologies to Tensilica DSPs

Alango Voice Communication and Voice Enhancement Packages and Waves Audio's Nx Virtual Reality Audio Technology are now available for Cadence Tensilica HiFi digital signal processors.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 23 Feb 2017

CEVA and Waves Audio Partner

Waves Audio and CEVA partner on far-field voice pick up and psychoacoustic sound enhancement for the mobile, smart home, and wireless audio markets.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 21 Feb 2017

Microsoft Advances Speech APIs

Microsoft moves Custom Speech Service from private preview to open trials.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 07 Feb 2017

Pronexus Releases VB Voice 10.1

Pronexus' VB Voice 10.1 will allow users to access both voice recognition and visual customer service through smartphone or HTML 5-enabled browser. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 30 Jan 2017

Datalog.ai Introduces MyPolly Platform

datalog.ai's MyPolly is a natural language understanding pPlatform for creating conversational bots and virtual assistants.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 26 Jan 2017

European Project Seeks to Advance Speech in Smart Homes

The EU project "LISTEN" is working on a robust, hands-free speech control interface for smart home systems.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 17 Jan 2017

SoundHound Partners with Onkyo on Voice-Powered Speakers

Onkyo's new line of smart speakers will be powered by Houndify voice and artificial intelligence technology.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 06 Jan 2017

Sensory Launches VoiceGenie

Sensory's VoiceGenie enables a hands-free experience on Bluetooth devices through Alexa integration and embedded artificial intelligence.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 05 Jan 2017

Fortemedia to License Cadence Tensilica Processors

Cadence's Tensilica Fusion F1 DSP will power Fortemedia's always-on smart microphone processor for voice trigger capabilities.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 05 Jan 2017

Shenzhen Micro & Nano Institute Licenses CEVA Audio/Voice DSP

CEVA DSP powers MNI's 360-degree voice positioning algorithm in itsintelligent voice processor.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 03 Jan 2017

Greenwave Partners with Nuance for Conversational IoT Interface

Greenwave's AXON Platform integrates Nuance's AI-powered voice and natural language understanding technology.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 13 Dec 2016

VoiceLabs Launches Analytics For Google Assistant

VoiceLabs' voice analytics will help developers build more effective voice applications for use with Google Home systems.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 Dec 2016

Conexant Is Working with Amazon to Create AudioSmart Development Kit for Alexa

Conexant and Amazon are working togetehr to deliver noise-robust tools for manufacturers and developers to prototype and build Alexa-enabled devices.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 Dec 2016

SoundHound Partners with SELVAS AI to Add TTS Voices

Developers can now choose from 20 text-to-speech voices in eight languages.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 25 Oct 2016

Interactive Northwest's AudioMenus Rated Avaya-Compliant

INI AudioMenus, an application that creates full-featured IVR menus and announcement,s is compatible with key Avaya customer engagement solutions. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 01 Jul 2016

VoiceBox Launches Voice SDK for Auto Makers

VoiceBox's fully integrated software development kit v5.0 provides a platform for creating in-car voice systems.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 09 Jun 2016

SoundHound Joins the Samsung ARTIK Developer Ecosystem

SoundHound and Samsung are collaborating to bring voice-enabled, conversational interfaces to connected devices.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 28 Apr 2016

Cadence Introduces the HiFi Integrator Studio

The HiFi Integrator Studio provides an audio framework for digital signal processors.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 25 Feb 2016

IBM and SoftBank Introduce Japanese Watson APIs

Watson's capabilities can now be used to develop cognitive computing and speech services in Japan.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 22 Feb 2016

Sensory Lends Its Voice to the Samsung ARTIK Platform

The Samsung ARTIK developer community can now use Sensory's TrulyHandsfree technology to wake up and control IoT devices using voice.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 04 Jan 2016

SoundHound Launches the Houndify Platform

Houndify is a natural language voice platform that enables developers to build intelligent, conversational interfaces to connected devices, apps, and the Internet of Things.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 16 Dec 2015

Nuance Launches Nuance Mix Developer Platform for Consumer Electronics and IoT

Nuance Mix enables developers to create customized speech experiences for wearables, gaming, virtual reality, robotics, fitness, and more.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 15 Dec 2015

W3C's Voice Browser Working Group to Disband

The World Wide Web Consortium's subgroup created the VoiceXML standard, but sees interest shifting away from IVRs to smartphone apps.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 29 Sep 2015

LinguaSys Launches Natural Language User Interface Server

With LinguaSys' new NLUI Server, developers can create natural language conversational interfaces in more than 20 languages.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 11 Feb 2015

Spansion Furthers Human Machine Interface Solutions with Voice MCUs for IoT Applications

Series enables voice command control with over-the-air firmware update support via Wi-Fi.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 02 Feb 2015

Tropo Launches Hypervoice Assistant Ito

Ito is built on the company's RTC platform using CaaS technology.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 20 Jan 2015

Why Physicians Dislike Speech Recognition and EHRs

Editor's Letter, Posted 10 Nov 2014

Interactions Snaps Up AT&T’s Watson

The deal enables both companies to expand speech solutions to broader markets.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 06 Nov 2014

LinguaSys Launches GlobalNLP API Portal for Developers

Unique semantic network-based natural language processing technology is now available for free testing.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 21 Oct 2014

Dialogic PowerMedia XMS Receives LumenVox Platform Compatibility Certification

Dialogic's platform is compatible with LumenVox's text-to-speech and speech recognition products.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 03 Sep 2014

Interactive Intelligence Integrates CallScripter into Its Contact Center Apps

Interactive Intelligence contact center and dialer software is integrated with upgraded CallScripter application. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 06 Aug 2014

SpeechStorm Releases Jackson IVR Framework

Jackson Framework IVR offers greater multilingual, mobile, and testing functionality.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 31 Jul 2014

Expect Labs Inks Investment and Technology Development Deal with In-Q-Tel

The partnership will drive development of the MindMeld API for U.S. government applications.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 17 Jul 2014

Conexant Launches New HD Audio CODEC with Integrated AudioSmart Amplifier

Conexant's CX20952 CODEC enables high-quality audio and maximum sound pressure without damaging speakers or other components.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 03 Jun 2014

BigHand Integrates with Worldox Document Management System

BigHand's speech recognition works out of the box with Worldox software.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 19 May 2014

CorvisaCloud Delivers Contact Center Flexibility with Voice and SMS Platform

The CorvisaOne platform allows developers to build voice and SMS apps from scratch or leverage and customize a la carte components of the CorvisaOne product suite, such as phone extensions, call queues, or lead management features. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 22 Apr 2014

VoiceVault Releases the ViGo Development Platform

ViGo is a development platform for mobile voice security applications.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 25 Mar 2014

Nu Echo Releases Rivr, a VoiceXML Dialogue Engine

Rivr is an application framework that enables Java developers to easily create enterprise-grade VoiceXML applications.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 25 Feb 2014

Yamaha Selects CEVA-TeakLite-4 Audio/Voice Processors

CEVA's digital signal processors now power audio/voice pre- and post-processing in Yamaha chips for mobile devices.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 24 Feb 2014

Synopsys and Alango Deliver Voice Communication Package for DesignWare ARC Audio Processors

Integrated audio processing solution includes voice enhancement technologies that speed time to market for developers of mobile and stationary communication switches on a chip.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 Feb 2014

Alert Solutions Launches School Announcement 4.0

School Announcement Version 4.0 offers new features, including a mobile command center, social media integration, and a severe weather monitoring tool.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 04 Feb 2014

Nuance Launches Early Access Program for Samsung Developers

New NDEV features include custom vocabularies and expanded TV app support.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 28 Oct 2013

Nuance’s NDEV Program Gives Voice to TV Apps

The mobile app developer program expands with beta access to speech for TV apps.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 20 Jun 2013

Avaya Expands the DevConnect Select Product Program

New partners include LumenVox.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 06 May 2013

Oddcast Releases Online Speech API Vocalware

The pay-as-you-go model charges per audio stream.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 02 May 2013

Verint Launches Audio/Video Solution for Public Safety Systems

Unified technology improves critical investigations efficiency.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 Apr 2013

Walsh Media and CereProc Team Up

TTS company CereProc has partnered with professional voice solutions company Walsh Media to provide corporate voice branding solutions.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 26 Mar 2013

Indosoft Enhances Its Visual IVR Builder for Q-Suite

The contact center solution for Asterisk includes significant enhancement to the Visual IVR Dialplan Builder.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 25 Mar 2013

AT&T and IBM Expand Their Partnership

AT&T uses IBM MobileFirst solutions to build out its mobile app developer program.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 22 Feb 2013

The Hypervoice Consortium Launches

The organization's mission is to advance hypervoice as a way to organize and navigate voice conversations by converting them into a native Web object.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 03 Dec 2012

Radish Systems Releases ChoiceView Visual IVR API

REST API allows voice with visuals' mobility communications to be added to new and existing IVR systems.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 20 Aug 2012

iSpeech Updates Its APIs and SDKs

iSpeech voice recognition and text-to-speech platform expands capabilities with increased accuracy, speed, and custom speech recognition.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 28 Jun 2012

Voxeo Brings Multichannel Communications to SMBs

Teams up with OneReach for offering
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 19 Jun 2012

NICE Debuts Analytics-Driven Real-Time Customer Interaction Management Offering

The solution incorporates technology from Fizzback and Merced acquisitions
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 03 May 2012

Vocantas IVR Now Guaranteed to Integrate with Avaya

Utilities OnCall tested by Avaya developers and awarded DevConnect interoperability.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 15 Feb 2012

DialMyCalls Launches Integration with Voice and SMS API

The company's message alert system can now be integrated into new and existing Web applications.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 07 Feb 2012

Artificial Solutions Unveils a Software Toolkit for Adding Speech to Mobile Apps

Teneo Toolkit includes Interaction Engine, Teneo Studio, and Teneo Insight.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 17 Jan 2012

Can Mobile and IVR Coexist?

Customer interaction technologies should support one another, not compete.
Cover Story, Posted 01 Jan 2012

Spirit DSP Upgrade Its Voice and Video Engines

TeamSpirit 3.2.2 adds support for HD multipoint voice and video calling to dozens of new mobile devices, expanded SDKs, and increased performance and functionality.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 21 Dec 2011

Nuance’s NDEV Mobile Developer Program Now Available in Brazil

Dragon Mobile SDK makes its South American debut, empowering developers to voice-enable iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, and Web apps with support for Brazilian Portuguese.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 15 Dec 2011

Pioneer’s Zypr Lets Developers Find Their Voices

New voice-powered API lets users access online services.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 06 Dec 2011

MicroAutomation and Voxeo Announce Strategic Partnership

MicroAutomation joins Voxeo's Preferred Professional Services Partner Program.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 11 Oct 2011

SpeechPro Releases Version 1.2 of VoiceGrid SDK

New software release provides developer partners with enhanced voice recognition capabilities.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 Oct 2011

MedMaster iPad App Now Powered by Nuance Speech Recognition

MedMaster Mobile's point-of-care mobile app offers data capture, clinical documentation, and navigation via voice.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 Sep 2011

Pronexus Partners with RealityCorp for IVR Testing Solution

Next-generation IVR development solution promises to accelerate functional testing of systems.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 15 Aug 2011

Voxeo Announces Prophecy 11 and VoiceObjects 11

Prophecy adds HD audio and IPv6 and fax support while VoiceObjects brings greater scalability and ease of use.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 10 Aug 2011

iSpeech Brings Speech Rec and TTS to iOs, Android, and BlackBerry

The company releases its SDK to developers of mobile apps.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 09 Aug 2011

LumenVox Joins the Cisco Developer Network

The company completes Cisco interoperability verification testing.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 Aug 2011

Wizzard Releases New AT&T Natural Voices TTS SDKs for Desktop and Server

SDKs for desktop and server support 32- and 64-bit apps, Windows SAPI 5x with .NET, C, ASP, and Flash/PHP samples.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 Jun 2011

Schiphol Airport Runs an Aculab IVR Solution for Flight Updates

Dutch airport system allows gate agents to update flight information at all information points.
Europe News, Posted 16 May 2011

Nuance Extends Mobile Developer Program to China

Dragon Mobile SDK now supports Mandarin Chinese, allowing Chinese developers to voice-enable apps.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 16 May 2011

VBVoice Integrates with Microsoft Speech Server through MCRP

The combination allows developers to access Speech Server and TTS products in Microsoft's Office Communications Server.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 17 Mar 2011

Unhappily Ever After

A fable about the limits of expertise
Interact, Posted 01 Mar 2011

Pronexus Releases VBVoice 7 for Free

Developers can download the interactive voice response development software from the company's Web site.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 10 Feb 2011

Nuance Launches Self-Service Mobile Developer Program

Dragon Mobile SDK gives developers the ability to voice-enable iOS and Android apps.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 20 Jan 2011

West's Holly Connects Platform is VoiceXML-Compliant

The company announces VoiceXML 2.1 certification for its Holly Voice Platform 5.1.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 Jan 2011

Digium Closes Year with More Than 2 Million Asterisk Downloads

Over the past 12 months, the company expanded use of open-source telephony software to 170 countries, released a major upgrade, and launched a new community project.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 Jan 2011

Five9 Announces Cloud Computing Platform for Call Centers, Version 2

New version of industry-first cloud computing platform for call centers includes additional APIs and advanced integration capabilities.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 17 Nov 2010

Sensory Releases Truly Handsfree Trigger SDK for iPhone and Android OS

Total hands-free control is now possible for new, popular voice search applications.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 22 Oct 2010

Digium Releases New Version of Asterisk

Version 1.8 of the widely used open-source telephony platform incorporates more than 200 new features.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 22 Oct 2010

Professional Automation Services Hires Pronexus VBVoice

Pronexus' IVR toolkit will help PAS develop upgrades to its employee payroll application.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 21 Oct 2010

Ramp Receives Audio and Video Patents

Patents on adaptive metadata systems and timestamped metadata for audio and video add to RAMP's existing 17 core patents in semantic web technologies.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 24 Sep 2010

Dialogic IMG 1010 Integrated Media Gateway Rated “Avaya Compliant”

IMG 1010 Gateway receives DevConnect Certification with key Avaya Voice Portal and Avaya Aura SIP solutions.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 20 Sep 2010

Syntellect Launches Communications Portal 8.0

The latest release of Syntellect Communications Portal improves critical business reporting capabilities and brings integration with Syntellect CIM.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 16 Sep 2010

SSML 1.1 Becomes a W3C Recommendation

Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) offers developers a way to control synthetic speech.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 10 Sep 2010

Pronexus Makes Its IVR Toolkit Free, Launches VBVoice 7

The move eliminates barriers to entry for IVR developers.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 07 Sep 2010

Voxeo Acquires Cloud Communications Startup TelekuListen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

The deal expands Voxeo's voice and text messaging application development environment.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 13 Aug 2010

Pronexus Launches IVR Solutions Locator

The solution lets businesses find prebuilt IVR applications developed with Pronexus' VB Voice.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 04 Aug 2010

West Interactive Acquires TuVoxListen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

The deal increases West's speech applications and professional services expertise.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 22 Jul 2010

Avaya Launches Next-Generation Customer Service and Collaboration Applications

Avaya Aura Communications Platform powers new applications and redefines the economics of real-time businesses communications and collaboration.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 20 Jul 2010

Dialogic Launches Cloud-Based Developer Network

Dialogic inCloud9 Network makes it easier for developers to test Dialogic products as they build next-generation voice and video applications.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 13 Jul 2010

Plum Voice Releases QuickFuse, a Cloud-Based Platform to Create Voice Applications

QuickFuse eliminates the need for coding, creating a truly accessible voice application solution.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 22 Jun 2010

Voxeo Launches Free International Developer Program

New services include SMS and voice phone numbers in 40 countries plus speech recognition and synthesis in more than 20 languages.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 26 May 2010

Newfound Communications Inks Reseller Partnership with Merrill & Associates

The deal will deliver call recording and emergency response solutions to a wider breadth of customers.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 24 May 2010

West to Acquire Holly ConnectsListen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

The purchase aims to create a single source for premium hosted and on-premises IVR deployment options.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 14 May 2010

SpeechCycle Launches Rich Phone Application PlatformListen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

Contact center solution enables multichannel customer interactions with consistent end-to-end user experience.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 06 May 2010

Sangoma Unveils Voice Transcoding Card

New D100 Card delivers up to 480 channels of voice transcoding, offering an alternative to software-based solutions.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 04 May 2010

Hey, You Kids! Get Off My Lawn!

Discussions of CCXML lead to a battle of the ages.
Industry View, Posted 03 May 2010

Speech Recognition Capabilities Added to the DiaStar Server

Dialogic and LumenVox team up to bring the LumenVox ASR solution to Asterisk developers building voice and video applications with the DiaStar Server.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 21 Apr 2010

IVR Technology Group Announces iCAN Services

iCAN is a feature-rich, streamlined approach to automated telephony services that allows clients to set up applications with little or no set up fees and quick turnaround.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 06 Apr 2010

Voxeo Launches Cloud Communications API with Worldwide Presence and Twitter Support

Tropo now supports Twitter, SMS, IM, and voice interactions from anywhere to any application.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 25 Mar 2010

This Call Center Solution Delivers

Interactive Intelligence's CIC 3.0 is making it easier for Pizza Pizza to bring tens of millions of orders to customers across Canada.
Deployments, Posted 08 Mar 2010

Grammatically Speaking

Setting the standard for determining what a caller wants
Forward Thinking, Posted 05 Mar 2010

Loquendo Speech Technologies Certified Interoperable with Genesys Voice Platform 8

The speech vendor also has joined Microsoft's Windows Embedded Partners Program.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 02 Mar 2010

Pronexus Partners with Provision Technologies

The deal strengthens Pronexus' position in the Middle East and Africa.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 24 Feb 2010

Loquendo Technology Available for Asterisk Development

I6NET makes Loquendo technology available for Asterisk platforms through VXI* VoiceXML browser connector.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 24 Feb 2010

Convergys Launches Intervoice Voice Portal 6.5

New IVP version promises to deliver intelligent self-service and multimodal, visual IVR support.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 17 Feb 2010

Voxeo and Telenet Partner to Deliver Contact Center Solutions

Telenet contact center solutions are immediately available as on-premises software or hosted software as a service using Voxeo's Prophecy and VoiceObjects platforms.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 10 Feb 2010

Voxeo Partners with Four Key Voice Biometrics Providers

Voxeo delivers voice verification, with major vendors providing solutions for every need.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 09 Feb 2010

W3C Tackles Emotion and Multimodality

New working drafts of standards are released by the Multimodal Interaction Working Group.
FYI, Posted 10 Jan 2010

Updating the Standard for Spoken Dialogues

VoiceXML 3.0 should be out by the end of this year.
Standards, Posted 10 Jan 2010

Digium and Aumtech Certify a Multi-Language Speech Recognition Server Solution with Asterisk

Solution improves customer satisfaction for as little as one-fiftieth of the cost of competitive high-end automated speech recognition (ASR) solutions.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 07 Jan 2010

SpeechCycle Rich Phone Applications Head for Windows Azure

RPA service creation applications can now be deployed in Microsoft's cloud computing environment.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 18 Nov 2009

KLAS-TV Turns to Pronexus to Create Time and Weather IVR SolutionListen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

IVR toolkit VBVoice used to quickly develop self-service application.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 27 Oct 2009

Ifbyphone Releases Version 3.1 with More Customized ToolsListen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

New features include robust reporting, reseller portal, and API advances.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 20 Oct 2009

SpeechTEK Europe Conference and Exhibition will be April 28-29, 2010 in London

SpeechTEK's first ever European event
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 28 Aug 2009

Loquendo Releases New Versions of Speech Engine, SDK, TTSListen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

The new releases offer additional features and aim to give designers more control.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 25 Feb 2009

Trio of Tech Firms Go Natural with a More Human InterfaceListen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

Three tech firms team up to build a lifelike, natural language-based digital assistant.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 09 Feb 2009

Interactive Intelligence Introduces Packaged, Fixed-Price Services

New packages are designed to improve service consistency and quality, reduce deployment time, and provide "no-surprises" pricing structure.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 05 Feb 2009

Voice Elements Integrates Cepstral TTSListen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

.NET telephony tool is now available with affordable text-to-speech software.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 04 Feb 2009

Voxeo Acquires VoiceObjects

Voice platform provider expands solutions for enterprise and mobile carriers and extends its European footprint
FYI, Posted 09 Dec 2008

VoxMedia Joins Tellme Partners Program

Partnership will allow VoxMedia to provide enhanced speech recognition applications to customers.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 14 Nov 2008

It's a Persona, Not a Personality

In IVR design, it should be about finding the right voice, not the right character.
Feature, Posted 01 Jun 2007

The Call Heard 'Round the World'

Don't let cultural and language differences stymie your IVR
Cover Story, Posted 01 May 2007

Advanced Analytics Offer Greater Precision

The latest technology goes beyond simple audio mining for words and phrases.
Feature, Posted 01 May 2007

Enterprise Strategy: Success on All Levels

When implementing a speech solution, everyone needs to be on the same page
Feature, Posted 01 May 2007

Not Everyone Has a Phone Voice

The right voice is everything on an IVR, auto attendant, automatic call distributor, or voicemail system.
Feature, Posted 01 Apr 2007

The Art and Science of War

U.S. forces in Iraq are stepping up field testing of speech translation devices.
Cover Story, Posted 01 Apr 2007

VoiceXML Solutions Are Easy to Find

In response to the growing demand for speech solutions based on the VoiceXML platform, the VoiceXML Forum has released an online directory of solutions and providers.
FYI, Posted 01 Apr 2007

On Good Speaking Terms

When dealing with a machine, it shouldn't sound too much like a human
Feature, Posted 01 Mar 2007

The First 100 Days of Deployment

The design and development phase of your speech self-service application is complete. The system is installed and a rigorous process of usability and user-acceptance testing has been performed. Now what? How do you ensure that when you flip the switch your customers will be able to successfully use the system the way you envisioned? That is what the next 100 days after the initial deployment are all about.
Feature, Posted 09 Nov 2006

Speech in Multichannel Customer Service

It has been a longstanding debate: Do you spend a lot of money on high-quality customer service, or risk upsetting customers with a low-cost approach? The answer, which is not always simple, may require a blend of both, as more companies are including speech-self service as part of their multichannel customer service initiatives.
Feature, Posted 12 Sep 2006

Ivy League IVR

Respect-it can be a difficult, yet highly desirable value to attain. Most people want respect; it's a basic human motivation to be treated with dignity.
Cover Story, Posted 12 Sep 2006

Is Paul English Right?

Why is it when Citibank launches an ad campaign saying its customers can press "0" to talk to a human, it becomes big news? Have we reached a point where the ability to reach an operator is that big a deal? By now, virtually everyone knows the magic phrase: "Hello. Your call is important to us. If you are an existing customer, please press or say one."
Feature, Posted 12 Sep 2006

Eleven Tips to Improve IVR Effectiveness

There's been a lot of negative press recently about poorly designed touchtone and speech-enabled interactive voice response (IVR) systems. I'm sorry to say that most of the problems that I've heard, read about, or personally experienced are real. To make matters worse, the situation is inexcusable because the underlying technology that powers these applications is very flexible and can do significantly more than what it is being used for today. Poor implementations are giving these systems a bad reputation, as has long been the case.
Feature, Posted 12 Sep 2006

Creating a Successful Spanish Speech System

Feature, Posted 03 Jul 2006

Speech and J2EE - A Foundation for More Creative Dialog Design

Repurposing existing data for speech is frequently a new concept for IT managers whose expectations have been shaped by the proprietary speech systems exclusively available in pre-VoiceXML days.  Speech industry standards such as VoiceXML can take full advantage of J2EE to allow designers of speech applications to more easily leverage data that already exists with protocols considered by most organizations to be standards-based. 
Feature, Posted 08 May 2006

TTS and Personalities: Expressing True Attitude

In order for expressive TTS to be effective, the voice, script, and affective tone all must support the intent and match the customer.
Feature, Posted 08 May 2006

VUI Review Testing - Is It Part of Your Speech Best Practices?

VRT [VUI Review Testing] leverages the VUI designer's heuristic knowledge of what has or hasn't worked in the past, based on prior usability feedback.  If VRT is skipped, there may be known issues still lurking that could have been caught through VRT.
Feature, Posted 08 May 2006

Kent Bridges, Senior Vice President of North American Sales, VoiceObjects

Speech Technology Magazine sat down with the new SVP, Kent Bridges, to uncover the reasons behind the expansion as well as the new goals and initiatives that would follow along with the relocation.
Q & A, Posted 15 Mar 2006

Larry Miller, President and CEO, TuVox

Speech Technology Magazine sat down with Larry Miller, president and CEO of TuVox, to talk about the successes in speech technologies during 2005 and his vision for 2006.
Q & A, Posted 15 Mar 2006

Heather Forrester, Director Outright Sales & Solutions, Bell Canada Enterprises

Speech Technology Magazine sat down with Heather Forrester, director outright sales and solutions at Bell Canada Enterprises to discuss the company's deployment of a speech-enabled attendant for internal directories and services.
Q & A, Posted 09 Mar 2006

Jonathan Taylor, President and CEO, Voxeo

Speech Technology Magazine sat down with Jonathan Taylor, president and CEO of Voxeo, to talk about Voxeo's plans to revolutionize speech technologies and how these plans became possible.
Q & A, Posted 09 Mar 2006

Bob Ritchey, President and CEO, Intervoice

Intervoice recently completed its acquisition of Edify, a global supplier of interactive voice response solutions, from S1 Corporation, Edify's parent company. During the last four fiscal quarters, Intervoice and Edify have produced combined revenue of more than $200 million. The combined company will have more than 850 employees worldwide handling more than 5,000 customers. Under terms of the definitive agreement announced November 18, 2005, Intervoice has paid S1 $33.5 million in cash to acquire Edify.…
Q & A, Posted 01 Mar 2006

Speech Applications Security: Protecting Your Business and Your Customers From Hackers

With unauthorized access to and theft of customer information on the rise, speech-enabled customer care systems present a new set of security parameters for companies to address. If ignored, a security breach in these systems could be devastating from both an economic and customer trust and loyalty perspective.
Cover Story, Posted 01 Mar 2006

Choosing Hardware for Your Speech Application

It is debatable whether speech technologies have become mainstream and, certainly, a great deal of the attention is based on skepticism. Nevertheless, more and more companies are looking at what speech can do for them and their customers.
Feature, Posted 01 Mar 2006

Internet Technologies in the Contact Center

The telecommunications industry is undergoing a major change from proprietary hardware-based systems to software-based systems built on open standards. Standards such as VoiceXML, CCXML, SIP, Service-Oriented Architecture, and other Internet technologies are radically changing how contact center applications are built and deployed. But these enabling technologies are only the means to an end. The real goals of applying new technologies to the contact center remain: improving the customer's experience (Happy customers are better than disgruntled,…
Feature, Posted 01 Jan 2006

Paul Ricci, Chairman and CEO of Nuance

The name Nuance is widely recognized in the speech industry, but is also inclusive of our other technologies. We believe a technology-independent name better represents the nature of our solutions, both speech and imaging.  We will continue to use ScanSoft, based on the recognition it has earned over the years, as the family name for our imaging applications. 
Q & A, Posted 07 Nov 2005

Workshop on Making Speech Mainstream: Problems and 10 Recommendations

Introduction: The Workshop for Speech Executives at SpeechTEK 2005, speech industry executives gathered in a three hour workshop to discuss how to bring speech technology into the mainstream. The workshop attendees included executive representatives from speech users, service providers, platform providers, software providers and tool providers. Intel's Tim Moynihan organized and moderated the session. …
Feature, Posted 07 Nov 2005

Wyndham Welcomes Guests With a New Voice

Given the improved capabilities of today's speech applications, many businesses are examining speech automation's potential for strategic, long-term business value. David Mussa, VP of reservations for Wyndham International, was one such executive, who - looking at his customer service - found that he had a veritable laundry list of reasons for moving to speech.
Deployments, Posted 07 Nov 2005

What Is Speech Usability Anyway?

Perhaps one of the great ironies in the field known alternatively as human factors, human-computer interaction, or user-centered design, is that some of its central concepts are exceedingly difficult to define. Take usability, for instance. Walk into any enterprise that claims to know something about technology (or uses it for business operations) and take an informal poll about what this term really means. In all likelihood, you’ll get as many answers as people you ask.…
Feature, Posted 07 Nov 2005

Ten Criteria for Measuring Effective Voice User Interfaces

A Toolkit of Metrics for Evaluating VUIsInvestors use standard metrics such as stock price and projected revenue per share to choose investment opportunities. Likewise, consumers use standard metrics such as floor space, number of bedrooms, or number of bathrooms when purchasing houses. This paper presents a toolkit containing some specific metrics for evaluating voice user interfaces (VUIs). The speech industry should use criteria from this toolkit to: Judge the most efficient of several VUIs for…
Feature, Posted 07 Nov 2005

Steve Pollock, Co-founder and Executive Vice President, TuVox (on the NetByTel Acquisition)

Steve Pollock, co-founder and EVP of TuVox, explains that "While there has been a lot of consolidation activity in the speech market, this acquisition is the first consolidation of speech application-focused companies."
Q & A, Posted 01 Oct 2005

Taking Care of Business

For more than a decade, businesses around the world have been harnessing the power of speech-enabled technology to reduce costs and enhance customer service. Today, with the evolution that is taking place in the industry, you'll find companies of all sizes using state-of-the-art systems to make it easier for customers to place an order, have a catalog mailed to them or find the nearest retail outlet.
Deployments, Posted 30 Aug 2005

New Operations in Speech

Miami Children's Hospital, a world leader in pediatric health care, has a medical staff of more than 650 physicians and over 2,000 employees. The hospital specializes in all aspects of pediatric medical care from birth through adolescence. Although the hospital draws children with very specific needs from all over the world, it is also the only licensed specialty hospital exclusively for children in South Florida. …
Cover Story, Posted 30 Aug 2005

Expanding & Improving Upon Traditional Usability Focus Groups with Online Usability Surveys

Speech applications have traditionally relied upon small focus groups to assess performance from the caller’s perspective. What happens when a group of a dozen or so people includes that one person who is difficult to please, or worse yet, the person who gives conflicting opinions such as, “I was very dissatisfied with the system but I had a great call experience”? The answer is many hours lost trying to understand conflicting data and trying to…
Feature, Posted 30 Aug 2005

Peter Gavalakis, Chair of the VoiceXML Forum's Marketing Committee

According to Peter Gavalakis, chair of the VoiceXML Forum's marketing committee, "Customers that specify only certified VoiceXML platforms in their RFPs know that the systems they will be purchasing will be fully standards-compliant. This assurance is important for companies seeking to avoid the risks associated with vendor lock-in and with obsolescence by adopting a standards-based technology approach."
Q & A, Posted 01 Jul 2005

Is There a "Speech Industry"?

The Applied Voice Input/Output Society (AVIOS) has been promoting the practical application of speech technology for over two decades. In the early days, the immaturity of the technology and the cost of implementing it offered few opportunities to build a "speech industry." Today, the improved technology and the lower cost of deploying it support many practical applications. Many people find that speech technology forms an important part of their work, implicitly creating participants in a...
The View from AVIOS, Posted 20 Jun 2005

Pacific Gas & Electric Powers Calls Naturally With Speech

Gas and electric utility companies around the world help power almost every facet of our lives. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), from 1949 to 2003, energy production has increased from 31.722 quadrillion Btu to 70.474 quadrillion Btu1. As far as electricity itself is concerned, U.S. production reached 3,883,185 kilowatt hours and U.S. electric utility production had a net generation of 2,462,281 kilowatt hours for 20031. With a total of 134,449,8251 U.S. customers, utility
Deployments, Posted 20 Jun 2005

Empire Medicare Services Achieves Their Best Performance Level with Speech-Enabled System

Empire Medicare Services is one of the largest Medicare contractors in the United States, providing services under contracting arrangements with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. <@SM>As a CMS contractor, Empire is required to keep up with agency-established telephone service performance standards - a monthly all-trunk busy (ATB) rate of no more than five percent on the interactive voice response (IVR) system…
Deployments, Posted 20 Jun 2005

Grange Insurance Pumps Premiums With Speech

The Georgia Insurance Information Group1 reports that annual U.S. insurance premiums reached over one trillion dollars in 2003. Breaking the total 2003 premiums into two categories, the property/casualty sector totaled $574.6 billion and the life/health sector totaled $480.9 billion2. While the average insurance expenditures for 2003 were estimated to be a 7.3 percent increase over 2002 and 2004 totals were 3.8 percent over 2003, the Insurance Information Institute estimates a rise of 2.5 percent for…
Deployments, Posted 20 Jun 2005

History Calls: Delivering Automated Audio Tours to Mobile Phones

Automated audio tours are a popular resource at many cultural heritage sites around the world. This application was first introduced more than two decades ago using personal audio cassette players. These "personal" tours allowed museum visitors to enjoy exhibits more privately, without a human guide or docent, and let them move along at their own pace. Typically a patron would rent a player for a fee and then follow a prescribed route through the museum…
Deployments, Posted 26 Apr 2005

Saying "Aloha" to Our Hawaiian Customers

Aloha! That's the familiar greeting Hawaiians use to say hello and goodbye, and to express affection, compassion and sympathy. Yet beyond those definitions, "aloha" extends a sense of warmth and welcome that is uniquely Hawaiian. At American Savings Bank, we live the philosophy expressed by aloha. So when we planned a speech-based system to offer customers easier and more convenient services, we wanted to speak with a ...
Cover Story, Posted 26 Apr 2005

Innovations: Speech Technology with Impact

From the editor: Welcome to Innovations - Speech Technology with Impact. Normally in each issue we have a section for notable press releases, but over time this has grown redundant with our Speech Technology Magazine NewsBlasts. So starting this month we are replacing press releases with a new column on innovations or speech technology with impact.
Voice Value, Posted 26 Apr 2005

Jeffrey Rayport, co-author of Best Face Forward: Why Companies Must Improve Their Service Interfaces with Customers

Jeffrey Rayport, co-author of Best Face Forward: Why Companies Must Improve Their Service Interfaces with Customers, explains, "As illustrated by the appropriate use of speech recognition that combination - bringing down the cost of serving customers while at the same time pleasing those customers with better performance - should be the goal of every company."
Q & A, Posted 01 Apr 2005

Sanjay Popli, Senior Director of Marketing, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories

"I think we'll see contact center technology continue to move toward being a core business application, but we'll see the term 'contact center' morph as contact center walls collapse, functionality is outsourced, and the creation of virtualized customer service functions grow," said Sanjay Popli, senior director of marketing at Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories.
Q & A, Posted 01 Apr 2005

It's Time to Join AVIOS

The View from AVIOS, Posted 06 Mar 2005

Tools of the Trade

Accelerating Time-to-Market Speech Development Tools
Cover Story, Posted 06 Mar 2005

Peter Mahoney, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, ScanSoft

Peter Mahoney, vice president of worldwide marketing, SpeechWorks Division, ScanSoft, explains that "there is a proliferation of service providers, and we expect to see some consolidation over the next five years."
Q & A, Posted 01 Mar 2005

Kevin Hegebarth, Director of Strategic Planning, Witness Systems

Kevin Hegebarth, directof of strategic planning for Witness Systems explains that "having speech analysis software effectively listen to all calls recorded by the enterprise, classify those interactions based on what was said in the conversation, and provide trend data over time is like having thousands of supervisors working around the clock."
Q & A, Posted 01 Mar 2005

Mark Flanagan, President, Envox Worldwide

Mark Flanagan, president of Envox Worldwide, explains that "a growing number of enterprise customers and service providers are replacing their legacy communications systems out of frustration with high maintenance costs, inflexible architectures and the inability to add new capabilities as they are needed."
Q & A, Posted 01 Mar 2005

Eileen Rudden, Vice President of the Enterprise Communications Applications Division, Avaya

Eileen Rudden, vice president of the communications applications division of Avaya, explains that the greatest challenge in the speech self-service market is to drive customer adoption to meet their hopes for this technology.
Q & A, Posted 01 Feb 2005

Blade Kotelly, head of the Edify Design Collaborative

Blade Kotelly of Edify explains how and why it is so easy to keep callers playing along if the designer just makes sure to treat the caller the way they would want to be treated if they had to use that system.
Q & A, Posted 01 Feb 2005

Chuck Buffum and Jeff Scheel of Vocent

Q & A, Posted 01 Feb 2005

John Cameron, Chairman, Unveil

John Cameron, chairman of Unveil, explains, "While cost reduction is clearly a driving factor in the purchase of speech recognition, we are seeing an increased emphasis on caller satisfaction."
Q & A, Posted 01 Feb 2005

Larry Miller, CEO and President, TuVox

Larry Miller, CEO and president of Tuvox, explains that "if you can build and deliver a better speech application, the consumer adoption will follow."
Q & A, Posted 01 Feb 2005

Dan Miller, analyst, Opus Research

Dan Miller, analyst at OPUS Research, explains that Service Automation Expo attendees will learn what their counterparts in a cross-section of industries are doing to upgrade their self-service infrastructures including plans to upgrade their IVRs, implement more advanced TTS, speaker verification and ultimately natural language understanding (NLU).
Q & A, Posted 01 Feb 2005

Vodafone Australia Moves Prepaid into the Speech Realm

Whether stepping onto a bus or off the Metro, there is one item that never fails to be in use - a cell phone or similar device. People around the world use cell phones, personal digital assistant (PDA) computers and other handheld devices to communicate using speech. It has been estimated that 115 to 157 million mobile phone units were sold around the globe in the second quarter of 2004. PDA computers came in at…
Deployments, Posted 06 Jan 2005

E-Pay Leader Expands Consumer Options while Controlling Biller Costs with VoiceXML

Fort Knox National Company (Fort Knox) processes nearly 20 billion dollars in payments annually for more than 700 companies, including some of the top utility, mortgage, insurance, and consumer finance billers in the United Sates. As a leading provider of single-source electronic payment solutions, Fort Knox has been at the forefront of innovations in the payments industry for nearly 20 years. Its TruePay™ payment platform is an example of the company putting innovation to work…
Deployments, Posted 06 Jan 2005