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DSP Concepts Enhances Audio Weaver to Support Cadence Tensilica HiFi DSPs

DSP's Audio Weaver development environment has been optimized for Cadence's Tensilica HiFi Audiuo/Voice processors.
Posted Jan 5, 2016
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DSP Concepts' graphical audio development tool, Audio Weaver, has been optimized for Cadence Design Systems' Tensilica HiFi Audio/Voice digital signal processors (DSPs). This technology from DSP Concepts is a design environment for developing optimized embedded audio software. Development teams can work in parallel at different stages of the development cycle and reuse pre-built, highly optimized audio processing modules.

The Audio Weaver technology enables Tensilica HiFi programmers to develop optimized audio applications using a graphical development environment without writing code or invoking a compiler. It streamlines all stages of audio application development from concept to real-time tuning. Audio Weaver provides a direct feedback loop between signal processing architectural changes and resulting sound characteristics.

The Tensilica HiFi DSP supports more than 169 audio/voice software packages and more than 75 software partners in the Tensilica Xtensions partner program.

"Audio Weaver has been successfully used in consumer, automotive, and IoT applications, and now, with our Cadence partnership, Tensilica HiFi developers can benefit from Audio Weaver's agile graphical design environment. The ability to easily evaluate and integrate third-party IP is crucial when facing ever-shorter design cycles," said Paul Beckmann, CEO of DSP Concepts, in a statement. "The Tensilica HiFi DSP is well suited for next-generation always-on and contextually aware microphone-processing applications. Audio Weaver accelerates the pace of innovation in this area and enables product developers to provide unique and feature-rich products."

"With the explosive growth of the home audio market and increasing interest in high-resolution audio, audio hardware technology and the tools to support rapid development and deployment of products is becoming increasingly important," saidPeter Cooney, principal analyst and director of SAR Insight and Consulting, in a statement. "Cadence and DSP Concepts' Audio Weaver certainly seem to have put all the pieces together to provide audio engineers with the means to deliver more sophisticated audio processing."

"Customers today continue to face grueling schedules and reduced development budgets," said Larry Przywara, group director of marketing, audio/voice IP at Cadence, in a statement. "DSP Concepts' AudioWeaver graphical design tool helps address those challenges by greatly reducing the time that it takes to develop, test and tune a complete audio system."

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