Cadence Adds Alango and Waves Audio Technologies to Tensilica DSPs

Cadence Design Systems has been working with Alango Technologies, a provider of voice and audio enhancement technologies, to provide the latest Alango Voice Communication Packages (VCP) and Voice Enhancement Packages (VEP) for the Cadence Tensilica HiFi DSP for Audio, Voice, and Speech.

Alango's VCP is a universal software package of digital signal processing technologies for voice applications on mobile phones, hands-free car kits, Bluetooth headsets and speakers, voice-activated devices, industrial intercoms, and other types of voice terminals. VEP is a set of software technologies comprised of a multimicrophone beam-forming array and echo canceller, which supports far-field speech recognition enhancement in smart home products, mobile phones, and automotive voice-controlled applications. It is configurable from one to 16 microphones. VCP8 and VEP have been ported and optimized to run on the HiFi DSPs and are characterized by low latency (TX/RX), small code size, and small CPU load.

"The HiFi DSP from Cadence is an ideal platform for our voice processing technologies," said Alexander Goldin, CEO of Alango Technologies, in a statement. "The efficiency of the HiFi architecture, capability, and ease of use of the HiFi software tools enabled Alango to quickly support our customers with a very low MHz and memory implementation."

"The HiFi DSP is used today in mobile, PC, automotive, and digital assistant products where voice processing is an essential feature," said Larry Przywara, group director of audio/voice IP marketing at Cadence, in a statement. "Alango's Voice Communication and Enhancement products enable our mutual customers to achieve an exceptional user experience in these applications."

Cadence also added Waves Audio's Waves Nx Virtual Reality Audio Technology to the Tensilica HiFi 3 DSP for Audio, Voice, and Speech. The Waves Nx solution delivers high-quality VR audio and true 5.1 or 7.1 surround with a minimal resource footprint.

In addition, updated versions of Waves' MaxxAudio and MaxxVoice suites are also available on the Tensilica HiFi 3 DSP. The updated algorithms within the MaxxVoice suite are designed to enable far-field speech interactions for devices with speech recognition capabilities. MaxxVoice delivers acoustic echo cancellation and adaptive background noise reduction.

"We consider Waves Nx and far-field pickup availability on the Tensilica HiFi 3 DSPs to be real game changers," said Tomer Elbaz, executive vice president and general manager of the Consumer Electronics Division of Waves Audio, in a statement. "The Tensilica HiFi DSPs deliver superior audio quality with the best possible battery performance, enabling state-of-the-art audio functionality when executing sophisticated audio processes, such as Waves Nx. Together, they bring the most advanced headphones enhancement available to an affordable and efficient DSP platform."

"The Tensilica HiFi DSP product line has always been geared towards delivering the best possible performance for audio and voice processes and maximizing these capabilities in consumer devices," Przywara said. "Waves Nx and the enhanced far-field pickup features are a significant addition to the ever-expanding arsenal of audio and voice software solutions available on HiFi DSPs."

Tensilica HiFi DSPs support more than 200 proven software packages and more than 85 software partners in the Tensilica Xtensions partner program. More than 75  semiconductor companies and system OEMs have selected Tensilica HiFi DSPs for their audio, voice and speech products.

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