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Roxy Teams Up with Sensory to Pair its Speech-Enabled In-Room Concierge System with Branded Wake Words for Hotels

Roxy, the speech-enabled device that provides full customizable in-room concierge services has announced a partnership with Sensory, the leading provider of wake word technology for voice devices.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 14 Jun 2018

44% of Americans Would Rather Scrub a Toilet Than Call Customer Support

New data released from Helpshift looked at what Americans most dread about the customer support experience, how it could be improved, and which industries have the most room for improvement (spoiler alert: it's telecoms). The survey also asked Americans which AI technologies they like and which they find creepy or annoying.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 31 May 2018

Bluegreen Vacations: Using Speech Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

When its customer service call volume had unexplained spikes, the resort vendor turned to CallMiner for answers.
Deployments, Posted 21 May 2018

Market Spotlight: Travel and Hospitality

Transforming the travel experience through voice
FYI, Posted 14 May 2018

Acapela Makes Buying Bus Tickets Easier with Voice

Quickomat self-service ticket vending machines are now accessible with Acapela voices.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 30 May 2017

Harman and IBM Watson Introduce Voice-Enabled Cognitive Rooms

Voice-enabled in-room concierge capabilities tap IBM Watson to deliver information and services in hotel, hospital, and conference rooms.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 21 Apr 2017

Acapela Gives a Voice to Airport Assistant

Acapela's text-to-speech is being used as the English voice for Kyoei Sangyo's humanoid assistance robot being tested at Japan's Narita airport.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 13 Mar 2017

Expedia Launches An Amazon Alexa Voice Skill

Travelers can now ask Alexa to explore their itineraries and receive details on upcoming trips.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 02 Dec 2016

Kayak Adds Voice Capabilities to Travel Search

Amazon Alexa users can now search flights, hotels, and rental cars, and more on Kayak.com with voice.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 10 May 2016

Japan's Narita Airport Previews Speech-to-Speech Translation App

NariTra is a smartphone app that can translate spoken words between Japanese and English, Chinese, Korean, and Indonesian.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 21 Apr 2016

IBM and Hilton Field Test a Robot Concierge

Connie is Hilton's robot concierge that incorporates IBM's Watson cognitive computing and speech APIs to help hotel guests.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 14 Mar 2016

Acapela Creates a Custom Voice for Norway's Transit System

Norwegian Jernbaneverket informs its passengers with its own exclusive voice, created by Acapela Transport.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 25 Feb 2016

HelloGbye Prepares Voice-Based Travel App

A new app currently being tested will be able to handle complicated travel requests with voice commands.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 03 Nov 2015

IZITEQ Launches Izi.TRAVEL Audio Guides

Izi.TRAVEL Offers free online and offline audio guides for hundreds of travel destinations.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 23 Jun 2015

OneTravel Launches Opal Voice-Integrated Flight Search

OneTravel Opal lets visitors to its Android app search for flights with a voice interface.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 23 Mar 2015

Honeywell Tests Voice Recognition in Plane Cockpits

Pilots will be able to use voice to perform some routine commands.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 20 Feb 2015

Acapela Forms a Division Specifically for Public Transit Solutions

Acapela Transport will offer solutions to deliver real-time passenger information.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 24 Sep 2014

Telent Acquires Voice Perfect

The merger of the two English firms brings voice to more transportation hubs.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 13 Jun 2014

Hyatt Selects Unify for Global Reservations and Customer Support Centers

Unify's OpenScape contact center solution delivers needed analytics, flexibility, and reliability to the hotel chain.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 06 May 2014

The 2013 Implementation Awards

Feature, Posted 12 Aug 2013

Adacel Gets Speech Recognition Patent

Invention provides an improved system for training acoustic models.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 25 Apr 2013

CheapAir.com Release Voice-Activated Flight Search App

The airfare shopping engine uses semantic technology to let users search for flights with voice queries.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 27 Mar 2013

VoltDelta Powers Nevada's New 511 System

Complete 511 motorist information system will include IVR, Web, condition reporting, data fusion, and smartphone applications with survey feedback.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 26 Mar 2013

Jibbigo Launches Free Translator App

The product offers more than 20 languages and offline functionality.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 18 Oct 2012

Online Self-Service at Copa Airlines Expands to Facebook

IntelliResponse Virtual Agent Technology Helps Copa Airlines Take Customer Service Directly to the World's Largest Social Media Channel
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 06 Sep 2012

Certify Adds Multiple Languages for Global Use

Users can select from 64 languages for expense reporting.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 24 Jul 2012

Nuance's Dragon Go! Now Features Travel Search Powered by Expedia

New natural language app lets users book vacation plans.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 21 Feb 2012

Voice Carrier Acquires PBillX

The company has now entered the hospitality phone systems and service market.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 31 Jan 2012

Speech-to-Speech Translators to Aid in Soccer Event

Ectaco shipped 1,500 iTRAVL devices to the Ukraine for use during the 2012 UEFA Championship.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 21 Dec 2011

SpeechTEK 2011 Theme: We're Drowning in Data

The state of speech analytics takes center stage at annual conference.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 09 Aug 2011

WestJet Turns to Voxify for Speech Self-Service

Voxify's Universal Managed Service for IVR extends contact center excellence at Canada's leading airline.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 22 Jul 2011

Nuance Powers a Reservations Self-Service System for US Airways

US Airways is the first domestic airline to offer an intelligent service experience through natural language understanding.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 22 Jul 2011

Loquendo TTS Powers Museum QR Codes

At Italian museums, visitors can now use their mobile phones as audio guides.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 21 Apr 2011

NICE Recording Technology to Bolster Security at DFW Airport

One of the world's busiest airports will add multiple solutions from NICE's broad security offering to its existing NICE implementation
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 28 Mar 2011

SpeechCycle Launches SmartCare Mobile

The voice-enabled solution is the first customer care solution developed specifically for the smartphone.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 21 Mar 2011

Lexifone Deploys Real-Time Voice Translation Service on Voxeo’s IVR Platform

The Voxeo platform enables Lexifone to launch a two-way communication solution that works with any phone.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 16 Feb 2011

Jibbigo Voice Translators Now Available for French, German, Korean, and Tagalog

Speech-to-speech iPhone application doesn't require an Internet or phone connection.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 21 Dec 2010

Loquendo TTS Integrated into Gogo Navigator for North America

TTS provides spoken turn-by-turn directions in U.S. English, Latin American Spanish, and Canadian French.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 20 Dec 2010

SVOX’s TTS to Power Google Translate and Google Dictionary

Text-to-speech will provide natural sounding voices to facilitate online language learning.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 17 Dec 2010

Vlingo Voice-Enables Even More Tasks

The new ActionBar allows for integration with KAYAK, Fandano, and Open Table.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 16 Dec 2010

Trisys Introduces IP Call Recording Software

This 100 percent software-based solution doesn't rely on specific call control protocols.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 15 Dec 2010

Broadspeak Releases a Speech-to-Speech Travel App for Android PhonesListen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

The company says the unique user interface will make communicating easier.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 29 Nov 2010

Cheetah Software Integrates CoPilot Live GPS Navigation Software

New plug-in maximizes map guidance with spoken turn-by-turn directions.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 Nov 2010

Loquendo TTS Integrated into Beyo Translating App for iPhone

SnapTranslate gives iPhone users rapid translations leveraging Loquendo TTS.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 04 Nov 2010

Loquendo Talks to Commuters

Following a deal with Mentor Engineering, TTS announces bus and train stops and route information.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 02 Nov 2010

Future Apps Provides an Update for iSpeak Translator App

The update will allow users to translate three new languages.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 01 Jul 2010

Want to Be Multilingual? There's an App for ThatListen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

Cellictica releases a speech-to-speech translation application for the iPhone.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 26 May 2010

Talking Dictionaries

Speech Solutions, Posted 03 May 2010

Loquendo TTS Powers iPhone Translating App in 16 Languages

Loquendo offers the voices for Sonico Mobile's iTtranslate application.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 27 Apr 2010

Speech-Enabled GPS Navigation Devices

Speech Solutions, Posted 10 Jan 2010

Sakhr's Arabic Language Buddy

This is an iPhone application that gets it right.
Forward Thinking, Posted 10 Jan 2010

SpeechTEK Europe Conference and Exhibition will be April 28-29, 2010 in London

SpeechTEK's first ever European event
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 28 Aug 2009

VoxMedia Joins Tellme Partners Program

Partnership will allow VoxMedia to provide enhanced speech recognition applications to customers.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 14 Nov 2008

SVOX Introduces Polyglot TTSListen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

With new text-to-speech system, foreign words or phrases can be spoken like a native.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 05 Nov 2008

Global Connect and EPP Partner on Automated Billing and Paying IVRListen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

Global Connect and Electronic Payment Providers partner to create an IVR that will allow customers to useautomated payment capabilities.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 02 Oct 2008

Speech Helped Hurricane EvacueesListen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

Speech solutions helped travel and hospitality companies to manage unplanned call volume spikes as thousands of people evacuated from hurricanes' paths.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 18 Sep 2008

CallCommand Changes Name to OneCommand

CallCommand, provider of integrated communications solutions, announced Monday that it has renamed itself to OneCommand. The new name is meant to indicate the company's focus on unified communications and customer retention in its core automotive dealer market.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 02 Jan 2008

Advanced Analytics Offer Greater Precision

The latest technology goes beyond simple audio mining for words and phrases.
Feature, Posted 01 May 2007

Planning a Trip in Austin Just Got Easier

City's transit authority rolls out IVR to handle basic bus information.
Deployments, Posted 01 Apr 2007

Another Perk for Frequent Flyers

South African Airways improves customer service with upgraded IVR.
Deployments, Posted 01 Apr 2007

Hosted Speech: Trend or Foe?

A roundtable discussion with members of the hosted speech community reveals the benefits and concerns with a hosted speech solution
Feature, Posted 01 Mar 2007

IVR Fuels Additional Sales at an Auto Dealer

Automated call solution has led to $70,000 in additional service department revenue
Deployments, Posted 01 Mar 2007

ASR Cleared for Takeoff

Air traffic controllers have a new voice that is automating the training process
Deployments, Posted 30 Jan 2007

Continental Airlines Takes Off with Speech

While many of its competitors are still floundering in the wake of 9/11 and rising fuel prices, Continental Airlines' stock price has nearly tripled since October 2005. Clearly, Continental is doing a few things right and one of them is its speech technology.
Cover Story, Posted 09 Nov 2006

Sleeping Easy with Web and Phone Integration

Travelodge multiplies occupancy rates with 24/7 phone bookings.
Deployments, Posted 09 Nov 2006

SOA: Connecting the Pieces

Service-oriented architecture can enable IVRs to communicate valuable information from a company's computer network.
Feature, Posted 09 Nov 2006

TravellingWave Awarded NSF Grant for Speech-to-Text Messaging

The National Science Foundation recently awarded a grant to TravellingWave for support of its Speech-to-Text Messaging project.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 16 May 2006

Travelodge Offers 24/7 Phone Bookings With Fluency Virtual Agent

- Travelodge, a UK budget hotel brand is offering 24/7 phone bookings with Fluency Voice Technology's speech self-service solution. >
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 02 May 2006

Carlson Leisure Travel Services Selects Fluency Voice Technology to Deploy Enterprise Speech Recognition Applications

LONDON and NEW YORK - Carlson Leisure Travel Services (CLTS), a division of Carlson Leisure Group (CLG), has deployed a Fluency speech recognition IVR application.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 01 Nov 2005

What Happened to Voice Portals?

What is – or, more accurately – what was a voice portal? One definition offered by the “Computing Dictionary” describes voice portals as “an interactive voice response (IVR) front end to a data retrieval system … being positioned mainly by carriers as wide-scale applications, offering things like specialized audio ‘infotainment’ services, real-time news, and stock quotes.” These sites offered engaging speech-enabled dialog available 24/7 from any standard telephone. …
Feature, Posted 30 Aug 2005

Premier Travel Inn UK Deploys ScanSoft's Speech-Based Booking System

PEABODY, Mass. and GHENT, Belgium - Premier Travel Inn has deployed a ScanSoft® speech-based reservations system, called TINA (Travel Inn Now Automated).
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 01 May 2005

Kevin Hegebarth, Director of Strategic Planning, Witness Systems

Kevin Hegebarth, directof of strategic planning for Witness Systems explains that "having speech analysis software effectively listen to all calls recorded by the enterprise, classify those interactions based on what was said in the conversation, and provide trend data over time is like having thousands of supervisors working around the clock."
Q & A, Posted 01 Mar 2005

Blade Kotelly, head of the Edify Design Collaborative

Blade Kotelly of Edify explains how and why it is so easy to keep callers playing along if the designer just makes sure to treat the caller the way they would want to be treated if they had to use that system.
Q & A, Posted 01 Feb 2005

Market Designs Partners with NetByTel to Expand Speech Recognition Within Travel & Hospitality

Market Designs announced that it is partnering with NetByTel.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 01 Feb 2005

VDOT Launches Statewide 511 System for Traffic and Travel Information

RICHMOND, Va. - The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) launched the 511 Virginia system.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 01 Feb 2005

Intervoice Announces Support for Microsoft Smarter Hospitality

From Hotels - Intervoice, Inc. announced its support for Microsoft's Smarter Hospitality initiative, a solutions framework for helping lodging and food service organizations improve how they interact with their guests while laying the groundwork for future innovations.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 01 Nov 2004

Speech in the Travel Industry

Vertical market applications are a subject dear to the hearts of marketers in the contact center and speech technology field. Finance, healthcare and education are typical of the "low hanging fruit" vendors have long focused on, with others, such as government, getting attention as the next potential for the big sales kill. Although there are some surprisingly interesting applications associated with these verticals, as a whole they aren't the most exciting customer-facing applications out there.
Cover Story, Posted 24 May 2004

Voxify Introduces Automated Agents for Travel Industry Call Centers

Speech-driven automated call center agents have the conversational skills to handle advanced customer service calls.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 01 Apr 2004

Angel.com Provides Business to Business Speech Solution for the Travel and Expense Industry

MCLEAN, VA - Outtask's voice-enabled travel and expense solutions launched, developed on Angel.com's Voice Site platform.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 01 Aug 2003

Globus Travel Selects Edify for CRM

SANTA CLARA, CA - Edify Corporation announced that it has been selected by Globus and Cosmos to implement a major upgrade of their customer service operations.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 01 Apr 2003

KY Transportation Cabinet Launches 511 Traveler Information Number

FRANKFORT, KY - Just in time for holiday travel, a new service to assist Kentucky's travelers was launched by Gov. Paul Patton. By dialing three digits, 5-1-1, callers can now get traffic, travel and road weather information 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 01 Dec 2002

Speech and the Automobile

No matter where you get your car and driver news, you've probably seen the recent flurry of headlines reporting new implementations of voice recognition technology in cars - and not just in high-end cars, but in midrange autos such as Honda. As little as ten years ago, something like voice recognition technology in the automobile sounded positively space age to most, but today, voice and wireless technology are becoming more and more commonplace in the ultimate mobile device—the car. But will these on-board communications capabilities change the way we drive, the way we interact with our cars?
Feature, Posted 21 Nov 2002

BeVocal, BellSouth to Launch 511 Information Service in Eight States

BeVocal and BellSouth have been selected to deploy a 511 voice recognition system for an eight-state region covering more than 17 million citizens.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 01 Jul 2002

Air Travel Industry Takes Off With InfoTalk-Air

HONG KONG, BEIJING and SINGAPORE - InfoTalk Corporation announced the general release of InfoTalk-Air, a voice-enabled solution specially designed for the air travel industry.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 01 Jun 2002

Travel Club Deploys Ydilo Voice Solution for its Call Center

MADRID, SPAIN - Air Miles Spain and Ydilo Advanced Voice Solutions announced the conclusion of the testing phase for the call center voice solution.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 01 May 2002
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