Kardome Technology

Kardome Technology
  • HaGefen 30 Mazor
  • Israel 7316000


Kardome's groundbreaking Spatial Hearing technology facilitates a seamless voice recognition experience in any acoustic environment, from the quiet to the chaotic.

The critical difference between Kardome and other audio front-end solutions is that its technology clusters speech signals based on location. This focus contrasts direction-based technology, such as beamforming, which provides limited performance indoors or in any closed environment.

Kardome’s core technology includes Speech Separation (spatial hearing), Echo Cancellation, and Noise Reduction modules that facilitate reliable ASR performance in noisy and multi-speaker scenarios.

The company’s suite of voice user interface technologies includes Voice Biometrics and custom Wake Words. Kardome’s technology works with embedded systems and does not require Internet connectivity, offering secure and fast response times.

Kardome’s Spatial Hearing technology can integrate with any voice-enabled platform or smart device. It enables people to give clear, understandable commands to their devices.

Kardome knows who is talking, where they are, and what they’re saying.  Contact us at info@kardome.com to learn more!