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Speech Processing Solutions North America

Two Ravinia Drive, Suite 965
Atlanta GA 30346

PH: 877-SPEECH2 (877-773-3242)
Contact: info.na@speech.com
Visit their Web site: www.philips.com/dictation

The Future of Workflow 

We continually strive to innovate, develop and design customizable dictation solutions to make voice a natural part of everyday work life. Revolutionary digital dictation products, such as the Philips SpeechAir voice recorder or SpeechMike Premium Touch USB dictation microphone are helping professionals to work more efficiently. The Philips SpeechLive cloud dictation solution and the SpeechExec software family support every imaginable scenario from office-based desktop to mobile dictation and transcription. 

Professional voice recording apps on your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone boost voice technology to the next level. The latest innovation, Philips SpeechLive, brings secure dictation workflow to the cloud. Full speech recognition integration in the SpeechLive cloud and SpeechExec software enables companies to manage their dictation workload on an enterprise-wide basis with ease. Integration of state-of-the-art mobile and stationary recording devices and seamless integration with other software automates the document creation process. With today’s high tech tools your voice can do the typing, whether you’re in or out of the office! 

Over 60 years of experience and an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability has made Speech Processing Solutions the number one manufacturer of Philips voice solutions in the professional dictation market. With its headquarters and production centre located in Vienna, Austria, Speech Processing Solutions has been the driving force in delivering voice technologies to users around the world. 

For more information, visit: www.philips.com/dictation and www.speechlive.com


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