SpeechTEK ’98: Bringing Speech to the Business World

William (“Ozzie”) Osborne, general manager of IBM Speech Systems and William A. Bautz, chief technology officer of the New York Stock Exchange, will be the keynote speakers at the fourth annual SpeechTEK conference and exhibition at the New York Hilton and Towers, Oct. 27-28.

Osborne heads the group that produces ViaVoice, one of the most successful speech recognition products ever. He will give his vision of where the speech industry is heading on Tuesday morning. Following a lunch break, Bautz will discuss the New York Stock Exchange’s use of speech in its own operations.

Over 3,000 business professionals and speech recognition experts are expected at the exhibition and conference, which has developed into the leading showcase for speech processing applications. The show features nearly 50 of the world’s most prominent speech processing vendors.

As speech moves into a myriad of vertical markets, as well as into more broad- based horizontal applications, SpeechTEK represents an opportunity for business people to see the latest in speech technology and determine how it can best meet their business needs.

“One could say that speech has arrived,” said Judith Markowitz, SpeechTEK ’98 conference chair. SpeechTEK ’98, Dr. Markowitz said, addresses the question of “How are speech recognition, speaker verification, speech synthesis and other speech technologies becoming part of our daily lives, and where is this all headed?”

SpeechTEK ’98 attendees will also have an opportunity to take part in a full conference program. Highlights from the conference sessions will include:

Tuesday, Oct. 27
8:45 am Keynote address by William (Ozzie) Osborne, IBM Speech Systems.
10:30 am The State of the Industry - Markets and Opportunities
: Brian Lewis, editor, Speech Technology magazine.
Speakers: Dr. Judith Markowitz, J. Markowitz Consultants and Voice ID Quarterly and Jackie Fenn, vice president and research director, Gartner, Group.
10:30 am Applications on the Internet
This session focuses on using the Internet for mission-critical tasks, global communication, browsing, information gathering and standards for speech.
Moderator: Bob Kutnick, Chief Technology Officer, Lernout and Hauspie.
Speakers: Dr. Andrew Hunt, Sun Microsystems and John DeWitt, DeWitt and Associates.
11:50-1:05 am “Computer Take a Letter” - Using Speech Dictation Systems
This session gives attendees a look at dictation in the workplace, hands-free dictation, and also includes a look at some deployed applications.
Moderator: Brian Remington, North American Sales Manager, IBM.
Speakers: Crane Davis, president, Paladin Communications; John McGahren, attorney-at-law, Pitney, Hardin, Kipp and Szuch; and Dr. V.C. Ramesh, assistant professor, Illinois Institute of Technology.
11:50-1:05 pm Telephony for Better Business
This session describes call center operations, applications for cost-savings, and efficient telephony and applications for good customer service.
Moderator: Gaugarin Oliver, MarCom Manager, Voice Control Systems (VCS), Inc.
Speakers: Elizabeth O’Hara, Manager, Distribution Planning, United Airlines; John Puckett, Assistant Vice President of Information Technology, GTE Internetworking; and John Madden, UPS.
2:15 pm Keynote address by William Bautz, Chief Technology Officer, New York Stock Exchange
3:45 pm Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Toolkits (Part1)
Attendees will see demonstrations of advanced toolkits and the session will address such questions as: How do I select a toolkit?, What kinds of functions do they provide?, and Why are different toolkits right for different operations?
Moderator: Moshe Yudkowsky, Dialogic Corp.
Speakers: Bill Ledingham, Vice President of Product Development, Applied Language Technologies; Steve Bardenhagen, Keyware Technologies; Salim Roukos, IBM TJ Watson Research Center; and Gaugarin Oliver, MarCom Manager, VCS.
3:45 pm Hot Financial Applications
This session details how speech is being used in financial applications from the trading floor to home banking systems.
Moderator: Adithya Padala, president and CEO, UMEVoice.
Speakers: Steven Hipp, Senior Vice President, Intrust Bank and Linda Chance, Fidelity Investments.
Wednesday, Oct. 28
8:00-9:00 am A View From the Top - Industry Leaders Panel Q and A
A panel of distinguished industry leaders will discuss where the major companies in the industry are headed, as well as current trends and opportunities in the industry.
Moderator: Dr. Judith Markowitz, J. Markowitz Consultants and Voice ID Quarterly.
Speakers: Thomas Huzjak, CEO and Chairman of the Board, T-NETIX, Inc.; Ron Croen, President, Nuance Communications; Bruce Armstrong, Manager, Speech Technologies, Novel Corp.; Stuart Patterson, CEO, ALTech; Dr. Anne Marie Derouault, Worldwide Sales and Marketing Executive, IBM; Roger Matus, Vice President of North American Marketing, Dragon Systems; Larry Dooling, President, Verbex Voice Systems; Jo Lernout, President, Lernout and Hauspie; Paul Celen, Philips Speech Processing; and Roger Zimmerman, VCS.
9:30 am Voices on the Go
This session examines speech on wearable computers.
Moderator: Kevin Jackson, SENTEL Corp.
Speakers: David Williamson, Wright Patterson Air Force Base and William Holcombe, US Custom Services.
9:30 am How Do You Know It’s Really You? - Using Voice for Security
This session examines using speaker verification and identification, standards for voice biometrics, and biometric testing and certification.
Moderator: Pat Flannery, Vice President, T-NETIX.
Speakers: Brad Wing, Senior Research Officer, US Immigration and Naturalization Service; Dave Harper, International Computer Security Association; and Robert Willie, Novell Corp.
10:55 am New Age Telephony
This session will show creative applications by telecommunications service providers, including the track of juvenile offenders, voice activated telephone services, and screen phones.
Moderator: Mike Ehrlich, Natural Microsystems.
Speakers: Lloyd Williams, Associate Director of Network Development, Bell Canada; Paul Ruppert, Pacific Bell Mobile Services; Gregory Wilcenski, Director of Aftercare, N.J. Justice Commission; and Dave Rooney, Frontier Communications.
10:55 am Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Toolkits (Part II)
: Brian Lewis, Editor, Speech Technology
Speakers: Mike Cohen, Nuance Communications;
Dr. K.W. Bill Scholz, Director of System Development, Unisys; Keith Byerly, Dragon Systems; and Carol Covin, Xybernaut Corp.
1:15 pm Attorneys, Doctors, and Business Professionals
This session deals with speech enabling the professional working environment.
Moderator: Debra Cattani, Vice President of Sales, Philips Speech Processing.
Speakers: Lou Milrad, Milrad Computer Law Offices; Susan Fulton, New York Times; Dr. David Mendolsohn, Mt. Sinai Hospital; and Randy Shields, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield.
1:15 pm Speaking in Tongues - Translation and Multi-Language Systems
This session examines applications that cross cultures, borders and oceans.
Moderator: Dr. Christine Montgomery, President, Language Systems.
Speakers: Lt. Commander Curt Henry, Naval Operations Medical Institute and Dr. Khalid Choukri, CEO, ELRA/ELDA.
2:40 pm Tools for the New Millenium
This session will feature demonstrations of systems for the future.
Moderator: Dr. Deborah Dahl, Unisys Corp.
Speakers: Eric Bidstrup, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Research; Dr. David Nahamoo, Director of Speech, TJ Watson Research Center; and Dan Sinder, CAIP/Rutgers.
2:40 pm Speech for the Real World
The session examines techniques for making speech applications usable.
Moderator: Raymond Diedrichs, Unisys Corp.
Speakers: Dr. Martha Lindeman, President, Users First, Inc. and Bruce Balentine, Balentine Associates.
4:00 pm Beyond 2000
This session will give attendees a vision of the future of speech applications.
Moderator: Dr. Judith Markowitz, J. Markowitz, Consultants and Voice ID Quarterly.
Speakers: Dr. Andrew Hunt, Sun Microsystems;
Eric Bidstrup, Microsoft Research; Dr. Deborah Dahl, Unisys; and Dr. David Nahamoo, Director of Speech, TJ Watson Research Center.
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