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Edwin Margulies

JEdwin Margulies is COO at Telephony@Work, makers of multi-channel contact center solutions for telcos and outsourcers. Margulies also co-founded Sterling Audits, a firm dedicated to best practices in service automation. He is the author of 17 high-tech books and inventor of numerous telecom and internet-based patents.

Articles by Edwin Margulies

Usability Scorecard

The fourth and final in a series of interactive columns by Edwin Margulies.

Usability Scorecard

This is the third in a series of “interactive columns” where our readership can participate in auditing self-service systems across nine industry categories. The idea is to provide highlights on companies who score in the upper quartile of the Sterling Audits Usability Index. The index is a standard methodology for rating the overall efficacy of both Web sites and Voice Response Systems. In this issue, we concentrate on voice response systems in the transportation industry.…

Usability Scorecard

Still on the Fence?

If you’re still “on the fence” regarding a speech upgrade to your voice response system, then Ed Margulies has a few tips for taking the speech recognition plunge, along with examples of what speech will and won’t do for you.

A Measure of Success

This is an "interactive" column where you, the reader, can participate in surveying the usability of self-service systems across 10 industry categories. The idea is to provide monthly highlights on companies that score high in the Sterling Audits Usability Index. This index is a new, standard methodology for rating the usability of Web sites, voice response and automated portions of the contact center.

SpeechTEK ’98: Bringing Speech to the Business World

William (“Ozzie”) Osborne, general manager of IBM SpeechSystems and William A. Bautz, chief technology officer of the New York Stock Exchange,will be the keynote speakers at the fourth annual SpeechTEK conference and exhibition at<@SM>the New York Hilton and Towers, Oct. 27-28. ><@SM><@SM>