Speech Processing Solutions Introduces Philips Voice Tracer Digital Recorder Range

Speech Processing Solutions, a provider of professional dictation systems, has launched the Philips Voice Tracer, the latest suite of recording devices developed for everyday recording needs. The line, which consists of seven models, combines superior stereo audio quality with Philips' recorder designs to offer a user-friendly, high-quality voice technology solution.

Whether recording notes, conversations, lectures, music, or meetings, every recorder is designed with multiple features for optimal results. The line is enabled with 2Mic stereo recording, which is designed to deliver speech clarity and reduce background noise. Another feature is the AutoAudjust, which analyzes incoming noise and adjusts to outside sounds or the distance through an innovative intelligent recording algorithm to keep the recording quality crystal clear. In addition, the entire line comes with six built-in language options, at least two gigabytes of built-in storage, and a battery life of up to 48 hours.

Along with these standard features, each Voice Tracer model offers unique future-proof technology, which aims to enhance the main recording activities of users. Some of the innovative features included on select recorders are the following:

  • 3Mic Auto Zoom recording, which adjusts zoom level to voice source distance automatically and is ideal for recording lectures.
  • 3Mic HighFidelity recording, which uses highly dynamic microphones to capture soft and loud tones and is optimized for music recording.
  • 360-degree meeting recorderwhich picks up sound from a 360-degree radius and was designed to record meetings.

"The Philips Voice Tracers provide users with an enhanced recording device, delivering superior recordings than what is currently possible with mobile phones or MP3 players," said Thomas Brauner, president and CEO of Speech Processing Solutions, in a statement. "With the growing trend of using personal mobile technology to record notes, conversations or music, the Voice Tracer was created so users can have perfect audio quality, extended recording time and long battery life, to capture quality recordings on the go."

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