DSS Enhanced to DSSPro

NUREMBERG, HAMBURG, and VIENNA - DSS, established jointly 10 years ago by Grundig, Olympus and Philips, has been enhanced to DSSPro and now has two new functions. The audio quality has been further improved with 16 kHz sampling, and an encryption algorithm will be supported. Like the DSS before it, the new DSSPro will ensure that digitalized speech can be processed in a standardized format. Special compression technology continues to facilitate recording in the form of small files.

All the familiar functions of DSS are also supported by DSSPro and allow processing in workflows and work processes. The 16 kHz sampling rate facilitates the improved use of speech recognition systems. In addition, optional encryption during recording has also been included, which allows the system to be used when handling sensitive data. As in the case of DSS speech files, the processing of DSSPro files requires a special program, which is available from manufacturers in the form of performance dictation management software. In order to further expand the range of uses of speech files, the International Voice Association (IVA) is now making a DSS Player available for both DSS formats. The player can be downloaded from the Web sites of IVA members. In order to utilize the workflow functionality of DSSPro, manufacturers are offering workflow management programs either themselves or in collaboration with partners.


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