Royal Philips Electronics Integrates SpeechMagic into "docma"

VIENNA, Austria and BARCELONA, Spain - Royal Philips Electronics integrated SpeechMagic into "docma," resulting in a speech recognition solution for the Spanish healthcare market. The solution jointly developed by Philips and New Doors is powered by the speech recognition technology SpeechMagic.

With SpeechMagic achieving a market penetration in radiology of more than 25 percent, Philips now aims to repeat this success on a hospital-wide level. Built into the "docma" dictation and transcription workflow solution, SpeechMagic comes with the recently-released MultiMed ConText (recognition vocabulary), which covers all medical disciplines.
"docma" powered by SpeechMagic is designed to meet the requirements of a professional medical audience. By transforming dictations into written text, "docma" eliminates typing of medical reports.
"docma" features the latest SpeechMagic technology, including front-end speech recognition (dictating directly into document templates), as well as Auto-text insertion (pre-defined sections of text), voice control, Command and Control and spelling recognition.
Hospital Clinico San Carlos in Madrid has decided to expand the usage of speech recognition from radiology to a hospital-wide level using "docma" and SpeechMagic.
SpeechMagic has been chosen among Spain's best technology ideas of 2004 by the economical magazine "Actualidad Económica." The technology has also won the UK's E-Health Innovation Awards 2005 in the category "Best use of E-Health to improve efficiency" for reducing turnaround-time for radiology reports in the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby by 74 percent.

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