Philips Upgrades SpeechExec Pro Software

Philips Speech Processing, a manufacturer of professional mobile and stationary dictation systems, today announced the availability of its new digital dictation workflow management software solution, SpeechExec Pro 7. This software update includes a new, future-proof Web-based licensing system instead of the traditional hardware-based licensing previous software packages used. In addition, the latest version of the software sports a new interface design.

“SpeechExec Pro 7 adds multiple unique features to its popular predecessor, SpeechExec Pro 6, which end users often touted as 'the best dictation solution on the market',” says Thomas Brauner, category leader at Philips Speech Processing. “One of the most significant updates is the Web-based licensing system. The new licensing method will allow users to access the software from a variety of computer systems, not just the one that has the software downloaded on it. We recognize that every industry is shifting to become more mobile, and we strive to make sure that our dictation solutions accommodate that new shift. This update is another step toward making our products as mobile and versatile as the people who use them.”

In addition to the updated software licensing model, SpeechExec Pro 7 boosts a new graphical interface that is based on in-depth research about how users work with the software from the author and typist perspectives. From the results of this study, designers updated the toolbar so it only displays commonly used functions to enhance the users’ experience with the software. The less commonly used functions of the software are still available; however they are no longer displayed on the toolbar.

Along with the new interface, the new software offers a Transcribe Carousel view.

“The latest updates incorporated through the SpeechExec Pro Transcribe Carousel view option are sure to ease the life of all typists,” Brauner said. “This new feature provides the most relevant information at-a-glance in a modern and convenient way. In addition, these workers can focus fully on getting jobs done one after another without having to switch screens.”

The system also offers an enhanced speech recognition workflow. The software can be upgraded with speech recognition workflow support with no extra hardware needed. It is now possible to control speech recognition with a SpeechMike in applications like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook with SpeechExec Pro running in the background, closing the gap between document creation and the review process.

Additional features of the upgraded technology include:

  • Manual workload distribution so workloads can be balanced in typing pools for highest efficiency of transcriptionists;
  • Automatic import of sound files recorded with a Digital Pocket Memo; and
  • Secure encryption technology that allows data to be transferred via the Internet without the risk of data breaches.

Designed for office environments with up to 20 users, Philips SpeechExec Pro 7 can be combined with the optional speech recognition workflow upgrade. The software is also delivered in bundle packages and optimized for use with SpeechMike III, SpeechMike Air, and Digital Pocket Memo 9600 and 9500 series.

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