Philips Releases SpeechExec Enterprise Version 4.0

Philips Speech Processing today unveiled SpeechExec Enterprise 4.0, the latest version of its new dictation management software solution. The new software will be available in May.

The new software has expanded advanced speech-recognition workflow capabilities and is certified Citrix-ready, but one of the most noticeable changes in SpeechExec Enterprise 4.0 is its new interface design equipped with new application and toolbar icons. Additional updates include the following:

  • a Carousel view option, which enables typists to see the most relevant information at a glance;
  • the ability to display only the most commonly used toolbar functions; and
  • toolbar buttons that were enlarged and placed into task groups.

Enterprise 4.0 also links with the latest versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Professional and Legal, versions 10.1 and 11) from Nuance Communications. It enables speech recognition control not only within SpeechExec, but it is also possible to control speech recognition in applications such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook, with SpeechExec Enterprise running in the background. Finally, Enterprise 4.0 offers greater flexibility, including system settings tailor-made to meet customer requirements for full installation in Terminal Server and Citrix environments.

"We conducted an extensive, year-long usability study, which revealed that speech recognition users want an interface that's simple and intuitive. They expect specific functions to be in specific places, and users want the software to be flexible enough to adapt to their ever-changing needs,” said Thomas Brauner, CEO and category leader at Philips Speech Processing. "Additionally, the study confirmed that dictation users want their words transcribed as quickly as possible with minimal effort on their parts. These results led us to develop SpeechExec Enterprise 4.0 so that all of these needs were met.

"Overall, SpeechExec Enterprise 4.0 was created to adapt to the constantly changing work environment that has faster servers and more technology to work with," Brauner continued. "Additionally, we know that users want to save money on all of their applications, which is why we developed this software to successfully operate with as many other applications as much as possible, which reduces costs."

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