Speech Processing Solutions Re-Engineers Philips Pocket Memo

Speech Processing Solutions, a provider of professional dictation systems, today launched the latest edition in the Philips Pocket Memo line, the company's family of professional handheld dictation recorders.

The redesigned device comes equipped with enhanced audio quality, security features, and productivity tools, and it integrates seamlessly with the SpeechExec software suite that organizes the workflow of dictation files. It keeps track of the document status and also integrates with Dragon speech recognition software from Nuance Communications.

The Pocket Memo dictation recorder features three-dimensional microphone technology that offers 360-degree sound pick-up. The omnidirectional microphone is optimized for recording both multiple and single sound sources. In addition, a built-in motion sensor notices when the device is idle or in-use and automatically selects the best microphone setting to suit the recording environment.

Along with the Pocket Memo's three-dimensional microphone technology, the device comes equipped with real-time encryption capabilities and PIN code security settings. The new device is housed in a lightweight yet durable stainless steel casing.

"Every detail has been carefully considered with the redesigned Pocket Memo to ensure ease of use, efficiency, and security throughout any recording and dictation situation," said Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions, in a statement. "The cutting-edge device was designed with the highest degree of precision and attention to detail. We wanted to ensure this new product is future-proof and exactly what our users are looking for to meet their on-the-go recording needs, regardless of their professional working environment."

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