Clarity Assembles Companies for Partner Program

TROY, MI - Clarity LLC announced that it has assembled a team for its new Partner Program. Clarity Partner Program offers customers expertise in design-to-profitability, hardware, software, silicon and operating systems to offer turn-key solutions to its customers. Clarity Partner Program participants include Peiker, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Intel, Trilogy, Innovision Design, Resistant Technology, Inc. and Philips. Many of the Clarity Partner Program participants also co-market Clarity's CVC (Clear Voice Capture) technology to customers. "Over the last two years, Clarity has aligned itself with companies expert in various parts of successful product introductions," said Ray Gunn, president and CEO, Clarity. "Clarity frequently finds itself at the front-end of a customer's voice-based projects and are in position to assist those customers with introductions to proven suppliers from the Clarity Partner Program." "Clarity Partner Program is a powerful marketing tool to collaborate on voice projects not currently on Trilogy's radar screen," said Terry Bishop, president and CEO, Trilogy (www.trilogyinc.com). "Clarity pulls Trilogy into a project to deliver for its customers and everyone wins. Clarity receives added recognition by its customer as a supplier that is there for them from A-to-Z and Trilogy, as a participant in the Clarity Partner Program, enjoys additional opportunities not otherwise available." "Speech technologies are just now coming to market in products being used every day by many of people, including cell phones and in our automobiles," said Jose Carrasquillo, vice president, business development, Innovision Design (www.innovisiondesign.com). "What is helpful to customers deploying these technologies, for example, is to have the proper expectations of performance and what is possible. Innovision is delighted to partner with Clarity and offer assistance to Clarity's customers as required." "This formal initiative by Clarity is the culmination of much work together. As partners in various projects, RTI and Clarity collaborated to solve a customer's problem and everyone benefited. RTI is committed to this program with Clarity and has licensed CVC technology for various projects including headsets and hearing aids," said Alex Darbut, vice president, business development, Resistance Technology, Inc. (www.rtihearing.com). "Clarity's Partner Program includes world class and emerging technology companies that can bring the expertise necessary to ensure the best possible solution for any voice-based project," said Fred Nussbaum, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Clarity. "The Clarity Partner Program is assembled into several categories that reflect the needs of customers: design-to-profitability, hardware, software and silicon as well as operating systems to run the software applications that deploy various features, including speech technologies or transmission of a wireless call. Additionally, many in the Clarity Partner Program are creating highly leveraged distribution channels into many markets by co-marketing CVC to customers." The Clarity Partner Program has acted informally until now and will receive additional market attention and dedicated resources to ensure Clarity customers benefit from this relative team of experts.
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