Philips Releases SpeechExec Pro

Royal Philips Electronics has released SpeechExec Pro, the latest version of its digital dictation management platform. The new release supports both digital dictation and speech recognition, allowing users to control the entire speech processing workflow within a single application.

“The working preferences of dictation users are extremely varied, ranging from PC dictation and online speech recognition to sophisticated, mobile dictation on PDAs,” said Thomas Brauner, category leader for Philips Speech Processing. “By combining dictation recording devices, workflow and transcription features as well as speech recognition, SpeechExec Pro provides users with the freedom to work as needed within one single platform.”

SpeechExec Pro provides a seamless interface with Nuance Communications’ Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, allowing users to flexibly upgrade to speech recognition at any time. Additional benefits include:

Less typing and increased productivity with the ability to download dictation files to the speech recognition system and edit the recognized text.

The dictation profiles of the authors are adapted, even if the transcriptionist edits the recognized text. This constantly improves individual recognition accuracy.

Users can pre-define document templates to be completed through speech recognition for instant document creation.

Speech recognition is bolstered by advanced workflow features for speech recording, document creation, editing, correction, file handling, and assignment of metadata or commentaries to files. Automatic download and routing of sound files from the Philips Digital Pocket Memo reduces handling time.

SpeechExec Pro Dictate will be available as a standalone software package or as part of dictation bundles with SpeechMike Air or the Digital Pocket Memo 9600 and 9500 Series. SpeechExec Pro Transcribe will be bundled with the foot control and headset or will be available as a standalone software package. Users who bought a product containing SpeechExec Pro in 2010 will get the speech recognition interface free of charge throughout 2010.

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