Philips Announces New Dictation Recorder Application for iPhone and iPad

Royal Philips Electronics will begin offering a recording application for iPhones and iPads. Philips Recorder for iPhone and iPad turns the smartphone or tablet computer into a wireless digital dictation recorder and works seamlessly with the SpeechExec Enterprise suite, allowing users to record, edit, and send dictation files directly from the mobile devices.

Since the new recorder turns iPhones and iPads into a wireless digital dictation recorder, users can dictate in any location they want and upload files to a Web server using 3G or WIFI connections. The Web server then distributes the recorded files to registered transcriptionists via email or to a network folder. This allows the typist to begin working on the file immediately, which decreases turnaround time and dramatically increases personal productivity.

In addition, the new app includes features such as:

  • touch screen controls for intuitive operations and fast file edits;
  • Express Recorder Mode so users can simply shake their iPhone or iPad to start and stop recording;
  • automatic file encryption for maximum security; and
  • priority settings to indicate urgent recordings that need to be processed first.

“In today’s world, technology such as iPhones and iPads can and should be used for multiple purposes, including dictation recordings,” said Thomas Brauner, senior director and category leader at Philips Speech Processing. “It was for this reason that we developed the Recorder for iPhone and iPad. This new app provides users with the ability to dictate from any environment and send the recording to a transcriptionist without having to carry multiple devices, making everyone’s life simpler."

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