Crescendo Launches Speech Recognition Solution for UK Law Firms

LONDON - Crescendo Systems Limited introduces the back-end speech recognition solution, Crescendo Speech Processing, to the UK legal market. Powered by SpeechMagic™ from Philips Speech Recognition Systems, Crescendo Speech Processing incorporates a recognition vocabulary for general law and property law.


  • Integration: Open platform that can be integrated with existing case management software. As a result, dictation takes place directly in the client's file, with the corresponding data being added automatically to each dictation. 
  • Back-end speech recognition: Support of the two-tiered workflow where the author dictates and the secretary corrects and finalizes the report.
  • Network-capability: The system supports client-server architecture, enabling access to dictation and speech recognition functions from all network stations or over the Internet.
  • Recognition: Loaded with UK-specific acoustic data as well as vocabulary for general law or property law.
  • Adaptation: Crescendo Speech Processing adapts to individual voice characteristics and improves through repeated use, thus enabling the author to speak in their natural dialect and at their natural speed.
  • Flexibility: The supervisor is able to select which users, departments or work types should be handled by the recognition engine, and which should be transcribed in the traditional way.
  • Mobility: Fee earners who often dictate from various locations and who are already equipped with the DigiScribe-XL mobile digital dictation system will fully benefit from the speech recognition features as all dictations are transferred to the central system for recognition and editing.
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