Philips Launches Recording Solutions for the Social Media Generation

Speech Processing Solutions, a provider of professional dictation, launched its latest Philips VoiceTracer audio recorder range. The new VoiceTracer line-up includes nine different models for all aspects of recording, and now offers instant sharing options and mobile connectivity.

While many users enjoy the benefits of smartphone recording, there can be several drawbacks when not using a dedicated device, such as limited battery life and storage, inadequate microphone placement, and interrupted recordings due to calls and text messages.

The new VoiceTracer devices offer the best of both worlds, with four models of the new line-up equipped with smartphone app connectivity. The free app is available on both iOS and Android, and allows users to control their recorder from their smartphones. Users can start and stop recordings on the VoiceTracer with the app and transfer them from the Philips VoiceTracer to their smartphone via their phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot.

The new Philips VoiceTracers come with advanced microphones for best-in-class audio quality and are engineered to suit users’ unique recording needs, including recording notes, meetings, music, or video. Each device’s battery life lasts up to 36 recording hours, and smart recording functions like pre-set audio scenes make it even easier to achieve outstanding results in multiple settings.

The new range supports the Philips VoiceTracer Speech Recognition DVT2805 software, which instantly turns voice recordings into documents with up to 99% accuracy, eliminating typing and transcription. The software includes an algorithm that learns corrections the user makes to increase accuracy over time. DVT2805 software comes bundled with the DVT2810.

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