Philips Releases SpeechExec and SpeechMike

ATLANTA - Royal Philips Electronics released its new dictation and transcription software, SpeechExec, that processes dictation voice files from recording to archiving and can be configured according to each user's preferences. As the next generation of the SpeechMike Executive solution, SpeechExec incorporates the requirements of digital dictation users. 

The recordings are converted into Digital Speech Standard (DSS) file format. The workflow and file management software facilitates the sharing and archiving of dictations.

SpeechExec can be installed on a local network or via the Internet. Dictation sound files are then transferred via a company network, sent by e-mail or uploaded onto an FTP server.

File encryption allows only authorized persons to access dictated information, a feature that complies with the regulations of the United States' Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As a network installation, Speech Exec can be centrally installed. The new licensing policy supports dongle-based copy protection as well as site licenses.

Authors can define urgent jobs and track work in progress, and the system will notify them once their urgent jobs have been transcribed. Transcriptionists will see a job overview for workload planning and they will receive a "new job notification" to facilitate transcription start. Job data is also accessible during typing and the built-in keyboard control eliminates mouse usage, if preferred.

Philips Launches SpeechMike

VIENNA, Austria - Royal Philips Electronics also launched the next generation of its SpeechMike dictation devices. The new devices include navigation tools such as an optical trackball and a scroll wheel.

The SpeechMikes are dictation devices that feature a scroll wheel for both navigation and volume control. Users can move through forms or documents using one hand. LEDs indicate record, insert and overwrite modes.

The new SpeechMikes are available in two types: the Classic, with the Four-Position-Switch, and the SpeechMike Pro version with push buttons.

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