New Philips Digital Recorders Feature Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Speech Processing Solutions has released its latest line of Philips Voice Tracers voice recorders. With their full-color display, the recorders are easy and intuitive to use, feature a brand-new robust design, and offer best-in-class sound quality.

"Recording with a Philips Voice Tracer is by far superior to using your mobile phone," said Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions, in a statement. "The high-quality microphones create clear voices [and] help suppress surrounding background noise, and the ultra-powerful lithium polymer battery will last you up to fifty hours. Smartphones simply cannot compete with a dedicated device."

The digital recorder optimized for notes features two built-in stereo microphones in the DVT2500/2700, which are designed to deliver clear voice recordings and reduce background noise, even in loud environments. The DVT2700 comes with the latest Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software from Nuance already included.

The new recorders also offer AutoAdjust+. If a user is in an environment which is constantly changing, the AutoAdjust+ function of the DVT4000 helps greatly reduce unwanted background noise. The intelligent recording algorithm analyzes the incoming signals and automatically adjusts the appropriate sound parameters.

Another feature, 3Mic AutoZoom+ technology in the DVT6000, suppresses surrounding noises while zooming in on the speaker's voice, creating crystal-clear recordings. "Sometimes you only get one chance to record someone speak. With the Philips Voice Tracers, there will not be any missing out or misunderstandings during lecture or interview recordings," Brauner said.

The 3Mic High-Fidelity function of the DVT6500 allows users to capture music in its fullest dimension, and the included wireless remote control enables convenient placement of the recorder and easy operation. In addition, the recorders feature a 360-degree meeting microphone that captures speakers from every angle.

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