Philips Unveils Dictation Solution for BlackBerry

Royal Philips Electronics yesterday released SpeechExec Enterprise 2.5 for BlackBerry devices, a mobile dictation and dictation management application that allows voice files to be recorded on BlackBerry devices and downloaded for transcription.

An intuitive interface enables users to assign key controls to fit individual preferences, making the application suitable for both right- and left-handed users. And, unlike other dictation products that require users to have a connection to the Internet or network servers, users of this solution can record files on their BlackBerrys and save them there to be downloaded later.

Voice files can be transferred via the cell phone signal (cellular data transfer) or via wireless connection, if the BlackBerry has that capability, explains Vickie Hanson of e-Commerce, marketing, and support at Philips Speech Processing – North America. "When you get a connection to the Internet or LAN, it will download the file," she says. "And you can set [the program] to do it automatically or manually."

Once the dictated files are transcribed, users can have them sent back to the BlackBerry as an email for review. In both directions, also included is 128-bit file encryption for download security.

SpeechExec Enterprise 2.5 for BlackBerry supports all BlackBerry devices, including the BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, and Bold series, and requires no special telecommunication prerequisites other than a valid contract and working connection.

For users of other smartphones or personal digital assistants (PDAs), Philips provides the SpeechExec Mobile software. SpeechExec Mobile is compatible with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0. The application processes files recorded in the DSS and DSS Pro format. Users can track the transmission of files in the outbox overview and can decide whether to store a copy of the entire file or only save the delivery date and/or the recipient’s name. SpeechExec Mobile comes on a 1-gigabyte microSD memory card together with an SD Memory Card Adapter Kit.

The benefit of SpeechExec, according to Hanson, is that it eliminates having to carry multiple devices. "Instead of having to carry two devices—a phone and a digital recorder—you can carry only one," she says. "It makes people with a BlackBerry more productive."

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