Philips and Citrix Partner to Enable Speech Recognition and Digital Dictation

VIENNA, Austria - Royal Philips Electronics released an enhancement to the document creation platform SpeechMagic™ enabling speech recognition in Citrix environments. With SpeechMagic supporting 23 recognition languages and providing a portfolio of more than 150 recognition vocabularies for the medical, legal, governmental and financial sectors, potentially more than 50 million Citrix users worldwide can now benefit from speech recognition. 

The deployment of speech recognition and digital dictation applications from Citrix servers will be a factor in more documentation workflow. It will also enable the centralization of IT administration, and bring speech recognition features such as automatic learning and acoustic adaptation.

By adding bi-directional audio capabilities, Citrix enabled the digital recordings to be uploaded and Philips developed a speech recognition channel. This channel improves the usability of dictation hardware, such as the Philips SpeechMike and allows for the deployment of speech recognition features within a Citrix environment. Numerous authors can now dictate simultaneously anywhere within the Citrix network and either delegate the dictation to a secretary/transcriptionist or correct it themselves. 

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