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Lizanne Kaiser

Customer Experience Designer - Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories


Dr. Kaiser, Customer Experience Designer at Genesys, specializes in customer-centric design and usability for speech automation and contact center technologies. She brings over 15-years experience – including 4 speech industry awards, 35 presentations, 25 publications, a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Yale University, and serving as Editorial Advisor for Speech Technology magazine.

Articles by Lizanne Kaiser

Automation Nation: How to Build Buy-In

The overwhelming attention received by Paul English's Web site and the Citi Simplicity TV ads encouraging callers to "Press 0 to speak to a live person— anytime" suggest there is growing resentment against companies implementing automated phone systems simply to cut costs.

VUI Review Testing - Is It Part of Your Speech Best Practices?

VRT [VUI Review Testing] leverages the VUI designer's heuristic knowledge of what has or hasn't worked in the past, based on prior usability feedback.  If VRT is skipped, there may be known issues still lurking that could have been caught through VRT.

Top 10 Survival Strategies for Spanish Applications

The companion piece to ¿Bueno? Are You Listening to Your Spanish Speakers by Sondra Ahlén, Lizanne Kaiser and Eduardo Olvera.

Bueno? Are You Listening to Your Spanish Speakers

Spanish speakers are the fastest growing population in the United States. To realize the full potential of this largely untapped market, businesses must plan for the impact this will have on self-service automation; voice user interface designers need to incorporate best practices targeted for these users; and the industry as a whole should offer technology solutions and packaged applications specific to Spanish as spoken in the United States.

Visual Studio.NET vs. WebSphere

Two developers from different developing environments describe what it’s like to deploy a speech application. Compare their experiences and their unique insights.

SpeechTEK 98: Leading Edge Technology Meets Mainstream Business at SpeechTEK 98

The growing importance and acceptance of speech processing technologies was on display at the most recent SpeechTEK conference and exhibition in New York City.

Headsets: An Essential Ingredient in Speech Recognition

One of the most practical considerations to the end user for making speech technology work is the effectiveness of the headset.

More Powerful Chips Allow Better Systems at Lower Prices

One of the most critical components in sparking the further development of speech recognition technology is the dramatic growth in the speed and power of microprocessor chips.