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Scott Wieder

Scott Wieder is a Director of Market Development for Cantata Technology He is responsible for the strategy and positioning of Cantata's enterprise voice business. He has over 15 years experience with several networking companies, including 3Com, Sitara Networks and Racal Datacom. Wieder holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and masters' degrees in electrical engineering and management from Northeastern University and the MIT Sloan School, respectively.

Articles by Scott Wieder

IVR Fuels Additional Sales at an Auto Dealer

Automated call solution has led to $70,000 in additional service department revenue

VoIP's Impact on Speech Recognition

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is rapidly replacing traditional phone service in the enterprise and that's good news for speech recognition. According to Synergy Research, revenues associated with enterprise IP telephony topped $4 billion in 2005—a 31 percent increase over 2004, and that has undoubtedly increased even more this year.

Dotting the I’ s and Crossing the T’s With Handwriting Recognition Systems

Both handwriting recognition and speech recognition are technologies that reduce the need for a clumsy input device like a keyboard. Such advances make computing easier for mobile workers, allowing them to be more productive and bring computer power to many who would not otherwise be able to access it.

New Speaker Verification API is Announced

Technology that can make computers and applications more secure by identifying the voice of the persons using them was announced recently by the Speech Recognition API Committee, a consortium of leading technology developers and users.