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Wes Hayden

Wes Hayden is the president and CEO of Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories in Daly City, Calif. Previously, he served as the company's senior vice president for the Americas. Prior to joining Genesys in 1999, Hayden was vice president of the Central U.S. Region for Informix Software, a provider of database management systems. He has also held sales and sales management positions with Sun Microsystems, Digital Equipment Corp., and Applied Data Research.

Articles by Wes Hayden

Is Paul English Right?

Why is it when Citibank launches an ad campaign saying its customers can press "0" to talk to a human, it becomes big news? Have we reached a point where the ability to reach an operator is that big a deal? By now, virtually everyone knows the magic phrase: "Hello. Your call is important to us. If you are an existing customer, please press or say one."