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Speech Recognition at KAIST

A group of researchers at the Brain Science Research Center of KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) in Taejon, Korea has been working on modeling of human auditory central nerve systems for noise-robust speech recognition. This research has been funded as a part of the Brain Neuroinformatics Research Program, one of three major national brain research programs started in November 1998 for 10 years by the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology.

Language Models: Making Sense of Speech

The general public knows it will take a few days to get to know a new car. They will drive gingerly, carefully checking mirrors and self consciously touching the gas pedal until they know the feel of the machine. But due to unfortunate, often repeated references to Star Trek, 2001, A Space Odyssey and other science fiction stories, the general public has no such tolerance for speech recognition dictation. <@SM>

Speech Recognition Hits the Street

There are few communication environments where speed, accuracy and precision are as important and difficult as live equities trading. The floor of a stock exchange is an atmosphere of barely controlled chaos where brokers need to communicate their clients’ needs in an emotionally charged, very noisy environment. It is an atmosphere where the bulls are stampeding, or the bears are growling, and there never seems to be a calm middle ground.

Speech Joins Computer Telephony Boom

Computer telephony has become one of the hottest applications for speech recognition, with many companies producing products specifically for the CT market and one major speech recognition company even changing its entire company focus to pursue the CT market.