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Emmett Coin

Director of Speech Research and Development - Lucas Systems, Inc.


Emmett Coin is Director of Speech R&D at Lucas Systems where he leads a group focusing on new technologies for next generation wearable voice agents.

Emmett's expertise spans from the late 1960's at MIT with Dennis Klatt, assisting with early work on ASR and TTS. Previously he has directed R&D groups at ejTalk and Intellivoice.

Emmett's interests are more natural human-machine conversations, rich-dialog representation schemes, and ASR augmentation using pragmatics.

Articles by Emmett Coin

Speech is NOT Dialog

Is there a difference between speech recognition and conversation management? The recognizer hears what was said and then the computer just does something and responds, right? Actually there are big differences between the problem of deciphering the words contained in an utterance and the problem of carrying on a conversation.