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Emmett Coin

founder, ejTalk

Emmett Coin is the founder of ejTalk, where he researches and creates engines for human-computer conversation systems. Coin has been working in speech technology since the 1960s at MIT with Dennis Klatt, where he investigated early ASR and TTS.

Articles by Emmett Coin

The Path Ahead (and Behind) for Conversational AI

You have to crawl before you can walk (and talk).

Speech Technology Is Not Yet Conversational Technology

The industry still lacks tools to support true conversation

Speech Technologies Are at a Tipping Point

Thanks to a convergence of technologies, seamless touch-talk-type interactions are now within reach

Speech is NOT Dialog

Is there a difference between speech recognition and conversation management? The recognizer hears what was said and then the computer just does something and responds, right? Actually there are big differences between the problem of deciphering the words contained in an utterance and the problem of carrying on a conversation.