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Fran McTernan

Speech Operations Lead - Nortel


Fran McTernan has worked in the IVR field for over 20 years, the last eight of which she’s spent specializing in designing and deploying speech recognition applications. She leads the team of speech specialists in Nortel’s MultiMedia Applications Professional Services and has been involved with the successful deployment of speech apps for utilities, telcos, and railroad companies, among others.

Articles by Fran McTernan

Expanding & Improving Upon Traditional Usability Focus Groups with Online Usability Surveys

Speech applications have traditionally relied upon small focus groups to assess performance from the caller’s perspective. What happens when a group of a dozen or so people includes that one person who is difficult to please, or worse yet, the person who gives conflicting opinions such as, “I was very dissatisfied with the system but I had a great call experience”? The answer is many hours lost trying to understand conflicting data and trying to…