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Industry Leader Focus

Two hot topics in the world of speech technology these days are multimodal input and customer service. Multimodal input is the process of combining technologies - keyboard, mouse and speech, to name one combination - to form the backbone of a more natural way of communicating with the computer.

Doctor, Doctor

Two major speech technology corporations - Lernout & Hauspie and Philips Electronics NV - recently made big waves in the industry with their purchases of medical transcription businesses.

Wearable Computers

In the broad spectrum encompassed by speech technology, wearable computers have to this point quietly moved from their own small niche. That niche, however, is beginning to draw its own share of attention by posting significant growth of its own.

Industry Leader Focus

Editor's Note: This Industry Leader Focus article is part of an ongoing series of stories in which speech recognition industry leaders present their views about the state of the industry and what lies ahead.