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Five Steps to Developing Speech-Based Applications

Creating a natural language application can be challenging; World Bench is a new application development tool that can simplify that process. It includes speech engines and a basic lexicon that allow the developer to interactively create and test natural language applications using high-level rules which can be debugged from within the application. Since the tool supports the Scalable Language API, it is an ideal way to develop speech-based applications for new handheld systems such as those running Microsoft’s WinCE. It can also be used to develop desktop applications under Windows. World Bench also addresses the challenge of localizing natural language applications for the global market. Several language versions can be created and tested together as a single project.

MedSpeak Gives Radiologists Advantage

Speech recognition technology developed by IBM and top radiologists is being used in a continuous speech dictation product that enables radiologist to work more efficiently while cutting health care costs.

Weighing the Possibilities of the Scalable Language API

Why would the world need another API that deals with speech?