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A Day in the Life of an Imaginary Firm

Speech technology works - literally. Technical advances are making itquicker and easier to implement speech recognition technology in the workplace, fromcustomer service centers to sales organizations, and eventually, throughout the entire<@SM>enterprise.

Writing out loud: Getting the most from speech dictation software

Is my computer a good listener? Until recently, this wasn't a question that ran through someone's mind when struggling with day-to-day projects on a personal computer. With the arrival of continuous speech recognition software, however, business professionals are beginning to look beyond the keyboard and mouse to a more natural input mechanism - the human voice. For them, maximizing the PC for speech recognition is key. Of course, people wrestle with many issues when deciding whether speech technology is a good fit for them. (This was the focus or our article Tell Me About It: Why Speech Recognition Might or Might Not Be Working for You, in the June/July issue). Once a user has moved beyond these initial questions, and actually purchased and installed a speech solution, however, there are a whole host of tips and pointers that can quickly boost the performance of speech technology. This article delves into the many ways of maximizing speech recognition software for users of the technology.

Tell Me About It: Why Speech Recognition Might or Might Not Be Working For You

What’s so weird about talking to your computer? For regular readers of this magazine, probably nothing. But we have all seen, and at some time in the past, experienced, the wide range of responses to the idea of talking to a PC. For some it’s the most natural thing in the world, certainly more natural than typing on a plastic keyboard. For others, however, it’s not that simple – using speech recognition software to create documents or control a computer just feels strange. Why?

Speech Turns the Internet Community into a Global Village

Speech, as the most natural interface, offers a great opportunity to enhance Internetcommunication for users. Several major companies have announced plans to offer Internetrelated speech applications, and more are planned.