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It's Time to Join AVIOS

Successful Applications Are the Combination of Technology and Craft

A designer needs to create a user interface (UI) that makes up for deficiencies in technology, and needs to stretch technology to make an application usable. This is especially important in applications that use barge-in. In ways, barge-in provides a metaphor for many of the issues we encounter in designing an application. …

Jane Thalen, Software Engineer, Nortel Networks

Speech Technology Magazine sits down with Jane Thalen of Nortel Networks to discuss everything about her recent Voice XML certification.

What Makes Things Interesting?

I once read in the “Sociology of Science” that an experiment or fact that confirms what everyone already knows to be true is not interesting, it’s obvious. Something that claims to disconfirm what everyone knows to be true is not interesting, it’s ridiculous. But something that changes what you think is true is really interesting.