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Wake Words Will Soon See a Resurgence

As consumers get more accustomed to using voice interfaces, wake words will become more prominent.

Embedded Speech Recognition: Is It Poised for Growth?

The embedded speech recognition market has been around about as long as the speech technology industry itself. Over twenty years ago, products such as telephones and toys emerged on the market with algorithms running on 8 bit micro-controllers. Most of the products used speaker dependent recognition requiring training, but some products appeared using early DSPs that implemented speaker independent algorithms. A U.S. subsidiary of Tomy Corporation was formed to market voice recognition products including a telephone that had a single button for voice dialing and speaker dependent digit dialing. Embedded implementations throughout the 1980’s tended to be either high in cost or poor in performance.

The Third Wave: Speech in Consumer Electronics

The speech recognition market has been projected to be on the verge of explosion for over a quarter of a century, but in reality it is only during the past few years that substantive growth and success has occurred.