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Wally Brill

From Grammys to Grammars: Wally Brill was a 25 year veteran of the entertainment industry when he decided to make the World safe for speech. At Nuance he created the persona and branding methodology now imitated everywhere. As with all communication media, he believes that VUI's need to be planned designed and produced for the audience that will use them, not for the engineers who code them. Wally is a co-founder of voicepartners, the World's leading VUI design consultancy.

Articles by Wally Brill

System Integration: Keys to Finding the Right Design Perspective

Imagine your home was built in several different eras and styles: The entry is ornate Victorian, the living room is angular 50’s modern, and the bedrooms are done in a country style. As a result, the house is aging and unattractive, but functional and structurally sound. As a first step towards a “face lift”, you added a new guest room last year.