Biographical Information

Melissa Dougherty

Principal and Co-Founder

Melissa co-founded Voice Partners in 2002. Voice Partners is now the leading independent user experience design firm for over-the-phone interactions (speech, multi-modal and dtmf), working with leading Telecoms and Consumer Service providers in N. America and Europe. Prior to founding Voice Partners, Melissa was Director, Voice Interface Services at Nuance.

Articles by Melissa Dougherty

System Integration: Keys to Finding the Right Design Perspective

Imagine your home was built in several different eras and styles: The entry is ornate Victorian, the living room is angular 50’s modern, and the bedrooms are done in a country style. As a result, the house is aging and unattractive, but functional and structurally sound. As a first step towards a “face lift”, you added a new guest room last year.