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Bill Byrne

Senior Voice Interface Engineer - Google, Inc.


Articles by Bill Byrne

In the Studio: Setting High Standards for Prerecorded Audio

Both touch-tone and speech recognition-based telephone solutions typically depend on prerecorded audio for prompt delivery, especially in customer facing call center applications. And with the growing demand for these applications, more and more consultants and professional services organizations are trying their hand at prerecorded audio production. However, many have found the prompt recording process to be deceptively complex. After all, voice acting, directing and post-production are specialized skills that require specific technical and design expertise as well as artistic talent.

Conversational Isn't What You Think It Is

The term "conversational" has been over generalized to refer to only one kind of conversation. His article explores in depth how designers can find a balance between maintaining the conversational flavor of speech while designing for more frequent use.

"Conversational" Isn't Always What You Think It Is

During the past several years, many in the speech industry have focused a great deal of energy on promoting "conversational" interfaces in the name of usability and profitability. The claim is that this type of speech interface provides the best user experience and therefore will produce the best return on investment.> >