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Michael Cohen

Manager, Speech Technology Group - Google, Inc.

Mike Cohen has been at the center of the speech technology industry for years. He spent 10 years in speech technology research at SRI, where he served as principal investigator on several federally funded speech research initiatives. In 1994, he co-founded Nuance Communications, where he was vice president of dialog research and development. He coauthored the book, Voice User Interface Design. In 2004, Mike was awarded SpeechTEK’s Lifetime Achievement Award. He now leads the speech technology efforts at Google, which he joined in 2004.

Articles by Michael Cohen

Highlighting Metrics and Mobility

The new generation of applications and services will provide long-term growth for the industry.

Learning from our Successes

Although technology improvement will continue to play a key role in providing better experiences for end users it is no longer the key bottleneck to growth of the speech industry.