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Martha Senturia

Senior VUI Designer, Performance Technology Partners

Martha is a Senior VUI Designer for Performance Technology Partners (“PTP”). She has a PhD in Linguistics from UCSD and more than 18 years of experience in the Speech and IVR fields, working primarily on the design and usability of automated speech and touchtone telephone systems.  Recently Martha has been focusing on interactive text applications in multiple locales and for various contexts. PTP is a professional services firm wholly focused on helping organizations deliver strategic customer experience solutions that drive revenue.

Articles by Martha Senturia

Chatting with the Rest of the World: Designing Multilingual Chatbots

Even though experienced Voice User Interface (VUI) designers are hyper-sensitive to the importance of good localization over blind translation—and to the challenges of conversational automation in general—our UI team was surprised at the number of complex roadblocks we ran into when localizing a chatbot for our large international client. Read on to find out what you need to consider before undertaking a similar project.