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Pete Erickson

Founder and CEO of Modev

As founder and CEO of Modev, Pete Erickson believes that human connection is vital in the era of digital transformation. Over the past decade, he has turned that belief into a mission of finding creative ways to bring the tech industry together. Under Pete’s leadership, Modev organizes some of the world’s top events, including VOICE Summit, VOICE Global, and produces the award-winning “VOICE Talks” internet talk show. Modev is a global team of creatives, marketers, and producers. He regularly contributes to national news outlets, including NPR, CBS, NBC. He serves as the on-air tech expert for Fox 5 DC, where he provides commentary on technology news that impacts consumers.

Articles by Pete Erickson

With the Convenience of Voice Technology Comes Great Responsibility

Voice processing on device could solve the industry's data privacy challenges.