Biographical Information

Rupal Patel

Vice president of voice and accessibility at Veritone

Rupal Patel, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned speech scientist turned entrepreneur, bringing decades of clinical, academic, scientific and social entrepreneurship experience to Veritone. As vice president of voice and accessibility,  Patel is responsible for setting strategy and leading innovation efforts in the voice artificial intelligence space, in addition to expanding the reach and impact of Veritone’s voice solutions for those living with disabilities or inequities. A preeminent thought leader in voice AI, Patel advocates for ethical transparent and fair-use policies that can broaden the monetization capabilities for voice-over artists by leveraging AI.

Prior to Veritone,  Patel was founder and CEO of VocaliD, a voice AI company acquired by Veritone in 2022. VocaliD was a spin-out from Patel’s research lab at Northeastern University, where she is a tenured professor. Named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, she has been featured on TED, NPR, WIRED, and in major international news and technology publications.

Articles by Rupal Patel

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