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Hands-On: An Interactive Display

Lab sessions gave companies the opportunity to showcase their latest products.

Most Innovative Solutions Awards 2005

According to Daniel Hong, voice business analyst at Datamonitor, the global voice business value chain* will grow from $716 million for 2004 to $1,939 million by 2009 at a CAGR of 22 percent. Speech Technology Magazine presents the third annual Most Innovative Solutions awards in recognition of the enterprises and service providers who are deploying innovative speech applications driving this growth. These applications are an integral touch point of their customers' contact with them and…

"Smart" Call Centers

Call centers present a ripe opportunity for trying out intelligence-based natural language application software - that is, software that responds to intuitive voice commands, instead of depending on the menu driven, directed dialog approach in which a caller is asked a set of tedious questions one at a time (city of origin, destination city, date of travel, etc.). One obvious benefit of this kind of software is that fully interactive conversational dialog can provide a call center with enough information to assess whether the caller needs to be transferred to a human agent - a very important determination for making proper use of an increasingly scarce and costly resource.

VERTICAL APPLICATIONS: How "Sequence Packages" Can Aid Language Understanding

Critical patient history is often buried in the convoluted, ambiguous utterances that occur in the doctor-patient interview.