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Bernhard Suhm

Bernhard is a Senior Consultant at EIG with over 13 years of experience in speech recognition and interface usability. He joined EIG from the Commercial Call Center Solutions group at BBN Technologies. His work focuses on design and usability consulting services for speech and touch-tone interfaces. At BBN he worked on bringing BBN's advanced speech technologies to commercial markets, including natural language call routing and audio mining. Prior to working at BBN, he spent several years with Interactive Systems Laboratories at Carnegie Mellon and Karlsruhe Universities on research in multilingual speech translation and multimodal interfaces. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1998 from Karlsruhe University (Germany) for his research on multimodal error correction. Bernhard has co-authored several patents, and published papers on design and deployment methodologies, speech interface usability, multimodal interaction, speech-to-speech translation, and statistical language modeling.

Articles by Bernhard Suhm

Lessons Learned from Deploying Natural Language Call Routing

What is “natural language” really? What are the conditions for a positive business case? Which principles should be considered in the design of such systems? What else can be learned from recent deployments? <@SM>Driven by major new deployments, natural language has received renewed attention. Building on contributions by Deborah Dahl(1) and Walter Rolandi(2) in the May/June issue earlier this year, the lessons to be learned stem from various deployments of natural language call routing. …