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Bruce Pollock

Bruce Pollock is Vice President Professional Services at West Corporation. He manages West's speech recognition and professional services activities. Bruce has experience in the IVR and speech recognition field across a range of disciplines. His writings have been published in numerous industry journals including Speech Technology Magazine, Energy Customer Management, Contact Professional Magazine, and others. Bruce has also been cited in The Economist and several other leading publications. He has also served as a panelist and moderator at technology and other vertical industry forums. Before joining West, Bruce co-founded and managed a speech recognition startup company and, prior to that, held management positions in the transportation, government and financial services sectors. Bruce is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the VXML Forum and serves on the Board of Directors of the Applied Voice Input-Output Society (AVIOS). He holds an MBA Degree from the Ivey School at the University of Western Ontario.

Articles by Bruce Pollock

Comcast and DIRECTV Tune Customers in Using Speech

2006: The Continued Emergence of Natural Language Speech Applications

Speech Industry Must Innovate and Continuously Improve

Speech recognition technology has made strong advances in the past number of years and will likely continue to do so. Recognition error rates are decreasing and additional features and capabilities have been incorporated into the most recent versions of the software. <@SM>Progress has also been made to improve voice authentication software, text-to-speech (TTS) software, and statistical model-based natural language speech recognition. …

A Whole New World

The exponential growth of processing power has helped increase the quality and usability of speech technologies. Gene Cox explores the new market opportunities that are opening up as speech becomes a vital interface.

Speech in the Call Center

Over the past several years, speech technology has evolved to become an integral part of companies’ customer service operations.The airline and stock brokerage industries led the way in adopting speech in their call center environments. Other vertical markets including health care, utilities, government, financial services and others are now following the early adopters. The need to reduce operating expenses in today’s economy is hastening this trend.

2006: The Continued Emergence of Natural Language Speech Applications

The speech recognition industry continues to grow and as we move into 2006, we will see more sophisticated deployments, across a wide range of vertical markets. New applications will be improvements on earlier versions, both in terms of functionality, caller-friendliness and level of personalization. Additionally, most new deployments will continue to be VoiceXML-based. …