Enable Frictionless Interactions with TX!

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According to a survey by Pega, the most critical component of CX is “enabling elegant, painless interactions.”  The best way to increase satisfaction is to reduce friction. There is one specific pain point which creates endless friction for employees and customers: IVRs.  In run-of-the-mill IVRs, callers are
forced to follow a rigid script. There is no intuitive flow as you would have with another person, just a series of “painful, tiny steps”, making the whole process frustrating.

Most of these IVR issues are easily addressed with an artful blend of intelligent speech technologies, including Automatic Speech Recognition, Transcription, Text to Speech and Natural Language Understanding.  By following the real-life model provided by the very best employees of the contact center, you can design and produce automated yet natural interactions with callers, radically improving their experience and increasing containment. Continue reading to learn more!