Opus Composable CX and the Conversational Cloud Webinar

Sponsored by LumenVox

Why are Composable CX and the Conversational Cloud important? The history of Contact Centers shows the pace of innovation evolves rapidly. As consumers adopt new communications platforms – from texting to TikTok – companies must keep pace or get left in the dust. This universe of feedback  channels is what Opus Research calls “The Conversational Cloud.”

The best way to meet the needs of the Conversational Cloud is with Composable CX. This flexible approach allows you to easily switch out a piece of the  solution without having to tear down the whole thing and start from scratch. No wonder Composable CX has become the big industry buzzword for 2023.

Join Opus Research and LumenVox in this brisk overview of:

  • The major business advantages of Composable CX
  • What to look for in a Composable CX provider
  • How to adopt and optimize a Composable CX architecture