Building a resilient contact center - Preparing for economic uncertainty

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In 2023, the winners will be those who adapt to change the fastest. Why? In my conversations with business leaders, I’ve noticed a common theme: They just can’t keep up with the pace of change. There’s too much happening.

Leaders aren’t able to get the information they need quick enough to benefit their company. By the time they extract and distribute insights, the entire business landscape has changed and it’s on to the next crisis.

The pace of change is a problem for every business all the way to the CEO.

Nearly two-thirds of CEOs told KPMG they felt their processes and execution were too slow, while around 50% of contact center leaders said they feel unprepared for the future, according to our own study.

The ability to move fast—with confidence backed by real world data—is a strategic advantage.  Download now to learn more!